Month by Month Gardening Chores for the PNW

The Pacific Northwest has gardening climate that differs greatly from most areas in the United States. We are able to work in the garden almost all year round, and it is hard to keep track of what should be done when.

What should you be doing this month in the garden?

We have created this section of the Pacific Northwest Cubit to provide an easy reference to find the answers to just that question. This forum will combine information compiled from some of the best resources for Pacific Northwest Garden information such as Ed Hume and Sunset Magazine.

This section is a work in progress right now, and I would love any input for sources for additional information. The area will be locked to prevent posts as it is designed to be a reference area only, but if you have suggestions, please c-mail them to either Gwen or I. We want to make it the most complete reference that we can. Unfortunately, most of the information that I am familiar with is geared to those of us in Western Washington and Western Oregon. For those of you on the East Side, if you have sources for information that is geared more towards your climate.... please chime in! My ultimate goal would be to have a seperate area with a guide for each side of the state.

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Here are links to some of the information that we are putting together for the PNW Cubit.

These are works in progress, so member participation and critique is highly valued! The more members that share information and ideas, the better our databases will be!!