Photo 101's July 2012 Contest schedule

By Brenda Essig aka Zanymuse (Zanymuse) on June 26, 2012

This month we are going to have 4 one week contests. The Contests will start on a Monday and end on Saturday at midnight. As we are still feeling our way, I am not going to limit the placements and reserve the right to change how we reward placements. Please bear with us.

The 1st week is 4 pictures of one thing. The subject is of your own choosing but all 4 pictures must be of the same thing. Select a single subject and submit 4 pictures of it using a different approach, settings, or angles in each.
This one will be judged first on all 4 approaches to your item. The placements will be for the Best 4 Combined Pictures, Best 3 Combined Pictures, the Best Picture Overall, and the Best Subject Choice, and we will play it by ear on the rest ot the placements. Starting date is July 2 and end July 9

"By popular demand we are going to go 2 weeks on each of these contest.
That means the rest will be overlaped

Scavenger hunt will end on July 20th

3rd week will end on July 27th

4th week will end on August 3
And I hope I get this right" wren

The 2nd week will be our Scavenger Hunt. There will be only 8 items on this first one, I will try to keep them simple and items that everyone should be able to find. You may 2012-06-26/Zanymuse/d55ff2submit one picture of each item. Please make it an interesting picture. There can be other things in the picture and you can arrange more than one of the items, and if your indoor lighting is bad you may take the things outside. In fact, that might make interesting pictures.

Remember we are looking for GOOD PICTURES

The top 4 placements on this contest may each chose 5 items-out of which will be chosen the August Scavenger Hunt items.
This month's items are the following Glass, Brass, Paper, Clock, Leaves, Tree bark, Spoons, Books Still have not decided on how to judge this one, but trust me it will be fair.
This one starts July 9 and ends July 20.

The 3rd week will be a Subject contest, the subject for this one will be Plant Pots, they can be empty or planted or both. I want pictures that are "artistic" not just a "pot."
You may post 4 pictures and you may delete and replace any picture you wish prior to the deadline.
This one starts on July 16 and ends July 27

The 4th and final week will a subject contest, the subject for this one is "WATER" you may post 4 pictures
The starting date will be July 23 and end on August 3

The week that starts on July 30th will be a rest week for me. We will also decide then what kind of picture contests we will have in August.

I will start a Chat page for each of these contest. Starting with the 1st July one this week. On this we can talk, ask questions and also gather ideas on how to improve our contest.

Entries will be accepted  beginning on the start date for each contest. Please submit your entry by c-mail to wren. Wren will then post your entries into a contest thread for viewing. Please, to avoid confusion from one contest to the next, no early or late entries can be accepted. The viewing thread will be locked for comments but will contain a link to that contests discussion thread.

We are going to add a special People's Choice Award. Each person who enters a contest can choose one picture as their favorite one, for each contest. You will C-mail me your choice. And I will post the results on the winners announcements. Votes will be accepted on the Sunday after the close of each contest. Remember only one vote per person, and you must have posted pictures in that contest.
Please choose a picture on its merits and not because you are friends with the Photographer.

wren/Sandy Coffman

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