July Scavenger Hunt Awards

By Brenda Essig aka Zanymuse (Zanymuse) on July 23, 2012

Thank to everyone who took part in our contest. I am please to see that y'all are beginning to see pictures in the world around you There are some great pictures in this contest. I feel bad that I had to cut so many of them out of the running. I hope that y'all keep up the good work and keep improving your photography.


First Place and Best over All
Thumb of 2012-07-23/Zanymuse/335539

Second Place

Thumb of 2012-07-23/Zanymuse/b3d187
Third Place

 Stained glass picture, Brass Clock, Tissue paper it all sits on,  various types of leaves,tree bark, asst. spoons and book.     
Thumb of 2012-07-23/Zanymuse/ff685f

4th place

Thumb of 2012-07-23/Zanymuse/9001a9



 Best picture over all

Love, love this picture, the color and the reflections are great

Thumb of 2012-07-23/Zanymuse/2e4589
Second place

It is a tie and both are pictures of books

I like the way this picture was taken
 Thumb of 2012-07-23/Zanymuse/c75436
This is a great arrangement

Third place

Love the way this frames the distant view
Thumb of 2012-07-23/Zanymuse/f0f3ed
4th place

this is a well staged picture
Thumb of 2012-07-23/Zanymuse/687aa2

Best people picture

I like this one
Thumb of 2012-07-23/Zanymuse/49b09f
Honorary mention
this is a simple subject, I like the out of focus feather off to one side

Thumb of 2012-07-23/Zanymuse/3348d3
A very nice inside picture
Thumb of 2012-07-23/Zanymuse/fc9d12
Very nicely staged picture
Thumb of 2012-07-23/Zanymuse/72ce40
Funny pictures
Some of you have posted some funny pictures, I have to include them

Kelli and yes you did

Thumb of 2012-07-23/Zanymuse/639a7e

Paper (No job is complete until the paper work is done)  And I agree
Thumb of 2012-07-23/Zanymuse/8ed993

Is it a dog head or a Bear head-Mother Nature has a sense of humor
Thumb of 2012-07-23/Zanymuse/825204

And last here is a picture that is hard to describe  except you can get the point
And some mornings I feel like I slept on this

Thumb of 2012-07-23/Zanymuse/ee635a

Thanks Everyone for your participation!


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