The Awards have been Potted Up

By Brenda Essig aka Zanymuse (Zanymuse) on July 30, 2012

Here are the winners of our "Plant Pot" Photo Contest This one was the hardest to judge. Y'all are getting the hang of "SEEING" pictures. Almost all of the pictures could be classed as good. In some the Subject was less pronounced than in others and that is why I did not place a few in this group. I was strongly tempted to give everyone of my choices group a blue ribbon.

First Place
Thumb of 2012-07-30/Zanymuse/de80f7
I love this one, the colors of the pots is reflected in the flowers, this makes a very nice picture

Second Place
Thumb of 2012-07-30/Zanymuse/af1657
This one fits the subject nicely and it is a picture that draws the eye. It is simple but pleasing

Third Place
Tied for 3rd, these are very nice arrangement of pots, I like the fact that there are different kinds of pots and non pots used as pots.

Thumb of 2012-07-30/Zanymuse/a28385

Thumb of 2012-07-30/Zanymuse/00760c

4th Place
Thumb of 2012-07-30/Zanymuse/829cc8
another nice arrangement of pots
Honorable Mentions in no special order

Thumb of 2012-07-30/Zanymuse/8678d4  
I like this. The colors and different kinds of plants look really good in this lovely blue pot
Now I know what to do with all those pots my dog damages!!!!
Both are interesting pictures

Thumb of 2012-07-30/Zanymuse/17b3d4

Thumb of 2012-07-30/Zanymuse/6a277a  
 Thumb of 2012-07-30/Zanymuse/fcbceb
 Proof that you can find pictures in unlikely places.

 Thumb of 2012-07-30/Zanymuse/20bdd3   Thumb of 2012-07-30/Zanymuse/fb6aef
These are both very interesting pictures but one more so than the other.  Which one draws your eye?
Thumb of 2012-07-30/Zanymuse/09c3ee
I like the angle on this one.
Thumb of 2012-07-30/Zanymuse/2c4231
Thumb of 2012-07-30/Zanymuse/15116f
The pot is not the true focus point of this picture but I love the hummingbirds and I know how hard it is to catch a moving target.
Thumb of 2012-07-30/Zanymuse/d2449c
I like this but the true focus on this one is not the pots but that wonderful building reflected in the glass.
Here you can see that each person has a different idea of what makes a good picture-though how any one could like a Picasso painting I have no idea.
LorettaNJ   3 VOTES
 Thumb of 2012-07-30/Zanymuse/ed0125
HollyAnnS 1 vote
Thumb of 2012-07-28/HollyAnnS/a530be
ves 1 vote
_Thumb of 2012-07-27/ves/bad1be

Sandy Coffman~wren

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