By Brenda Essig aka Zanymuse (Zanymuse) on August 6, 2012

There were a lot of great pictures in this contest as well but I am trying to be a better judge and I did delete more of the pictures this time, sorry. We do have a clear winner in the People's Choice Award and some very close runners up.


It was a tie ...
First Place

 I could not choose between these 2
Kelli     Not a lot of water in this one, except fog and dew but it is a really  great picture.
Thumb of 2012-08-06/Zanymuse/1a7122
Kelli     Best scenic. This picture is almost perfect. Notice how the trees frame the river!
 Thumb of 2012-08-06/Zanymuse/4f737d

Second Place
Thumb of 2012-08-06/Zanymuse/81bb3b  
A very simple picture but a very good one

Third Place
Thumb of 2012-08-06/Zanymuse/1dba6e
Lovely picture would be a tiny bit better if there was a little bit of color

Fourth Place
Thumb of 2012-08-06/Zanymuse/801f7c

Honorary Mention
Except for the 1st one these are in no special order

chelle   1st Honorary Mention
 Thumb of 2012-07-26/chelle/19960e
This a great picture but really not enough water so I was not able to place it in the winner's group
But I really love it.

Thumb of 2012-07-25/Moonhowl/8b9014
Very nice, would be a tiny bit better if the lighting was brighter
   Thumb of 2012-08-01/threegardeners/ae5a48
Strange, weird, picture but shows that you must always be looking for subjects.
Thumb of 2012-07-25/Zanymuse/980132
Tap on this one to enlarge it. I love the way the light plays on the water.
 Thumb of 2012-07-25/kareoke/070dd3
Lovely beach scene, click on the picture to see the rainbow.
wildflowers  Best People Picture
Thumb of 2012-07-28/wildflowers/863db8
 Thumb of 2012-07-31/firefly/42409a
Lovely sunset
  Thumb of 2012-07-26/gingin/d08017
Interesting picture of a fall stream.
  Thumb of 2012-07-31/firefly/32ecae
Very nice beach scene
Thumb of 2012-08-02/ves/dd28b7
This one makes me wonder what Ty is watching.
People's  Choice Award
First place
Thumb of 2012-08-06/Zanymuse/317b5c

Second place
 Thumb of 2012-08-02/ves/da3f5b

And a 3-way tie for 3rd place
Thumb of 2012-07-26/Kelli/97b9e4
Thumb of 2012-08-01/threegardeners/ae5a48

Thumb of 2012-07-31/firefly/d8f44a

wren a.k.a. Sandy Coffman

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