Animal Photo Contest Winners

By Brenda Essig aka Zanymuse (Zanymuse) on August 20, 2012

The eyes have it. Notice that most of the entries are focused on the eyes.

Photo Contest Subject Animals

By mcash70   1st Place
Goat on mountaintop
This is a wonderful picture, love the Mountain Goat

By Ridesredmule  2nd Place
owners reflection in the eye of Charlie the mule
We are reflected back in the eyes of those who love us

By rachelledea   3rd Place
Womans face with Zebra make-up
Love the glow in the eyes of this "animal"

 By mcash70   4th Place
Squirrel perched on broken treetop
I love this little watcher
First Place  Peoples Choice
Duck silhouetted among water plants-mirrored image
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The following in no special order are my Honorary  Mentions
By Zencat:
  Thumb of 2012-08-17/Zanymuse/de7b75
Some times simple things are the best.

By gingin:
  Thumb of 2012-08-17/Zanymuse/b5cb7e
Wonderful view of this snakes head.
By Ridesredmule:
   Thumb of 2012-08-17/Zanymuse/f2e818
I love this picture of a puppy. I wish it had some more light, just a bit would more would be better

By Moonhowl
  Thumb of 2012-08-17/Zanymuse/0ca453
Love these eyes
By wildflowers:
 Thumb of 2012-08-17/Zanymuse/68ba4d
Another pair of beautiful eyes

Thumb of 2012-08-17/Zanymuse/d13649
I know how hard it is to take a picture of a puppy so I love this. Next time try to move back a little bit.
By threegardeners:
Thumb of 2012-08-17/Zanymuse/1f6635  
Poor dog, not sure if he is happy about being loved by a cat. But it is a pleasing picture.
 By ves:
 Thumb of 2012-08-17/Zanymuse/c14583  
Poor Ty he is not sure about this photo. I think  it is a cute picture.
By mcash70:
 Thumb of 2012-08-17/Zanymuse/430b1a
Nice picture of a wild animal.
By Zanymuse
Thumb of 2012-08-17/Zanymuse/aa46de
Some pictures trigger memories and this is one. One of my cousins raised this breed of cows for 4-H and I learned how to milk them.
Nice picture

Thumb of 2012-08-17/Zanymuse/1876c5  
Here we have a lot of BULL.
By Kelli
Thumb of 2012-08-17/Zanymuse/89fca3
Very nice picture of a bug, all in focus.

 Thumb of 2012-08-17/Zanymuse/5e2732
I laughed when I saw this one. Love the look on the female.
For those who do not know what this shows, the ram is breathing in the scent of the female to see if she is in heat but the female does not look interested in him.

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