Free Image Database? What is it? And why would anyone want to help build it?

By Brenda Essig aka Zanymuse (Zanymuse) on August 27, 2012

The Free Image Database in the Playpen of Graphics is a growing collection of images that are made available for use by everyone without restrictions other than that they may not be used in any other online database. Copyright free, no fees or link backs required...why would anyone be willing to add their photographs to such a database? Why would I even attempt to create such a database and why house it here at cubits?

Colage of images from database

Cubits is a remarkable opportunity for people to create their own space on the web. It is free and the set-up is relatively simple for beginners to use. Each cubit is its owner’s territory...a separate, autonomous, website that is limited only by some very basic terms of service...with lots of close neighbors linked together by the Cubit's home page and search features. We become friends with some of our neighbors but as cubits grows it becomes more and more evident that we are each responsible for growing our own cubit's membership. But I also believe it is up to each of us to help grow and become the huge web presence it deserves to be.

Every new member you bring to cubits is important. Every time a search engine sends a new visitor to cubits is important. Every visitor that returns and begins to participate as a member or starts their own cubit site is important. And that is why I started the free image database. As the database grows it will bring in more hits from search engines and that means more traffic for cubits. I am seeing the number of referrals from google image searches increase slowly as the image database grows. That traffic benefits my cubit site AND

My thinking is pretty simple. If someone is searching for a free image to use on their Mothers birthday card or their child’s graduation card… If they need a banner for a website here or anywhere, if they are searching for a picture of a frog, a bird, a flower, an antique tractor, a rat rod, a scenic view to use as a background or even to show what a flower they are selling on E-Bay looks like, it is traffic for

The more varied the subject matter the better! From an apple to a zebra, a beautiful sunrise or a mud puddle, a piece of rusty grill work or a shiny chandalier, vaction spots or your own back yard, even digital art works you create. If you are willing to add them I would be thrilled to have them in the database because you never know what someone else is searching for.

Perhaps the most popular use of the database images is as the source for the daily jigsaw puzzles.  I enjoy having such a wonderful variety of images to select from and play with. Making the images into puzzles is both bribery, and my way of showing gratitude to the photographers.

I can't build a huge image database on my own. For that I need others who are willing to contribute their images. If you are a professional photographer you are obviously not going to want to give away your images, as they are your livelihood. But if you are an amateur photographer or a hobbyist who just loves taking and sharing pictures ... I hope that you will consider adding them to this growing database.

The rules are very simple, The images you contribute must be yours and should not be watermarked.

The goal is to have a database full of original images that are not copied , stolen or borrowed from other sites.

I am very slowly adding transparant background png's that are popular with digital scrapbookers. Those are made using images from the database. The butterflies, goldfish and chicken in the colage of database images  at the top of this article are examples of those png images.

I am grateful to the generous people who are contributing to the database and hope that more of you will join us in this endevor.

Zanymuse, a.k.a Brenda

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