Photo Contest ~LIGHT~ Winners Announcement

By Brenda Essig aka Zanymuse (Zanymuse) on September 9, 2012

Let there be LIGHT! And light and shadows were delivered with wonderful results.

Sorry that I took so long judging these pictures, thanks for waiting.
I think this was the best group of pictures so far.
It is very, very hard to chose the best as most of them are wonderful.
Wish I had more than 4 placements.

 Zencat    1st place
Thumb of 2012-09-09/Zanymuse/d85e66
Love this picture
Kelli 2nd place
Thumb of 2012-09-09/Zanymuse/406e49
Very nice, a very relaxing picture
mcash70 3rd place
Thumb of 2012-09-09/Zanymuse/779f05
Great moon shot.
mcash70  4th place
Thumb of 2012-09-09/Zanymuse/3d591f
I like the way the sun is off center, makes a great picture.
Honorary mention
These are all great pictures and worthy of praise
These pictures are in no special order as I am lazy and have taken way to much time
judging this contest.  
   Thumb of 2012-08-22/ves/251028  
I like this storm picture.

I like this, only thing different I would have done is increased the F-stop if that was possible
    Thumb of 2012-08-24/Zencat/414ce1
Well done picture.
Thumb of 2012-08-23/chelle/5eed33
Very interesting, makes a nice picture. I would not of thought to take pictures of bubbles
  Thumb of 2012-08-24/Moonhowl/dea154
Great shot, to get a picture of a lizard is not easy.
 Thumb of 2012-08-30/mcash70/6b41cc
A crystal clam shell catches the suns rays.
I love the way crystals divide the light.
Thumb of 2012-08-22/chelle/285091
Thumb of 2012-08-29/chelle/f55071
I love both of these pictures. These are a clear use of the F-stops.
Thumb of 2012-08-21/threegardeners/8d8f73    
Beautiful sun worshipers.
 Thumb of 2012-08-21/gingin/a234b5
Nap time.
  Thumb of 2012-08-25/gardengus/d0a1fe
I would love to be in here when the sun shines at the right angle.
Thumb of 2012-08-25/gardengus/2aa8ca    
This picture would look good in the plant files.
People's Choice Award
As everyone knows each person sees things differently and do not always like the same thing.
Once more it has shown up here.  We do not have a clear winner
We have 3 pictures that each have 2 votes
Thumb of 2012-08-22/Ridesredmule/d0ae1e 2
Thumb of 2012-08-30/mcash70/6b41cc 2
A crystal clam shell catches the suns rays
Chelle, Thumb of 2012-08-23/chelle/5eed33 2
Each of these have one vote each
 Thumb of 2012-09-01/threegardeners/012418
Thumb of 2012-08-25/gardengus/2aa8ca  
  Thumb of 2012-08-24/Moonhowl/dea154
 Thumb of 2012-08-24/Zencat/b071cf
sunlight through leaves
Thumb of 2012-08-30/mcash70/9b653c
Sunlight on a spider on a dried bloom
Thumb of 2012-08-24/Zencat/414ce1  
 Thumb of 2012-08-24/Zencat/1c5594
 Thumb of 2012-08-22/ves/9e4121
Thumb of 2012-08-22/Kelli/2a8602
Thumb of 2012-08-22/Ridesredmule/d0ae1e
 Thumb of 2012-08-21/threegardeners/2b8bdd
cat and fern

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