Photo Contest ~SEEDS~ Results

By Brenda Essig aka Zanymuse (Zanymuse) on October 9, 2012

The results are in. Read on to discover our two judges picks. They made the hard decisions once again!


1st place by judge wren

psa 1st place,a very, very good picture.

MYSTERY JUDGE1st place by mystery judge

1st place threegardeners #3 Milkweed  Love the milkweed I just want to jump in it,

it is so soft looking.

2nd place by wren

Kelli 2nd and a close 2nd at that.

2nd place-Mystery Judge

2nd place psa #2 don't know what it is but I am a big SciFi fan and it looks like

it might be from outerspace!

3rd place-wren

Moonhowl 3rd place I like the fact that every part of the branch is in focus

3rd place Mystery Judge

3rd Place threegardeners love the blue/black of the berries topped with frost

and the background is perfect.

4th place by wren

threegardeners 4th place love the frost on the black berries

4th Place-Mystery Judge

4th Place Kelli #3 picky looking one. Love the shape and background.

THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO TOOK PART IN OUR CONTEST. Once more we have some very good pictures. Seeds is a hard subject to take pictures of and I am pleased at how many were really good. There were not as many pictures as most of the contests had, but it was a limiting subject. Sorry it took a bit longer to get the judging done. My mother ended up in the hospital due to a sudden drop in her blood sugar range. She is fine now but I just need to keep a closer watch on how she takes the test.



Here are my Honorary mention, in no special order


Thumb of 2012-10-09/Zanymuse/60e73f

I like the drops of water on this seed head, would love to see the sun shining on them



Thumb of 2012-10-09/Zanymuse/518f8b

This one is interesting another good fog picture



Thumb of 2012-10-09/Zanymuse/99536d

Burrr! This one makes me feel the cold and that is what a good picture should do.



Thumb of 2012-10-09/Zanymuse/d1a845

Not perfect but a nice attempt at shooting a very hard subject. If you can change the F-stop on your camera this would help get a better shot.



Thumb of 2012-10-09/Zanymuse/a929f2

another nice attempt at shooting a very hard subject. If you can change the F-stop on your camera this would help get a better shot.



Thumb of 2012-10-09/Zanymuse/141edb

I like this idea!!!!! 



Love the Ceder Waxwing. This is a subject where it would be good to take a lot of fast shots

Thumb of 2012-10-09/Zanymuse/12d29d



Our Mystery judge also had a few honroable mentions to share with us.



Thank you Judges! Thank you contestants!

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