By Brenda Essig aka Zanymuse (Zanymuse) on October 20, 2012

Break out the camera and capture the spirits of Halloween. This is your chance to show us your images of all things Halloween. Spooks, Pirates, Gypsies, Candy Corn, Jack O'Lanterns, Decorations...snap it's picture and enter the best four shots in the contest.

To enter the contest  follow this link ... HALLOWEEN PHOTO CONTEST   Ghostly trick or treater

You may post 4 pictures dealing with the subject of Halloween

This contest starts on Oct 20th and ends Nov, 2nd

Halloween was a big deal when I was a child. We donned our home made costumes and went out to collect as much candy as possible. The candy was important to us, but more important was the excitement of dressing up and being outside after dark with our friends. Laughter and shrieks were the sounds of the night as we made our way from house to house. It was a night filled with pranks for the older kids and giggles and laughter for the younger spooks and goblins.

The joy of Halloween continued with my own children. We created costumes and enjoyed the holiday. It was fun! During their elementary school years a friend and I would costume up and go to watch their school costume parade. They cried foul! They declared we embarrassed them and they made us swear the next year that we WOULDN'T DO THAT EVER AGAIN!

Then, as Halloween grew closer each year they began to change their minds and began begging us to show up because their friends thought it was cool and their teachers were asking if we would be there. Of course we went!

I don't have pictures from those great memories. I wish I did.

How is Halloween celebrated in your area?

Now it is your chance to capture the fun in pictures.

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I love learning and sharing. I enjoy life and laughter makes life enjoyable.

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