Celebrating Water

By Brenda Essig aka Zanymuse (Zanymuse) on May 25, 2013

I have had a request to create a month of puzzles using a single theme of water related images. Fish, fishing, surf, ships, boats, piers, beaches, shells, seaweed, water plants, sandy beaches, light houses, bridges spanning waterways, aquarium life ...Water is more than just a calorie free drink!

2013-05-25/Zanymuse/d3484cI really like the idea! (thanks MaryE)

Approximately 72% of the earths surface is covered by water. That water gives our planet life. We depend on it for drink, watering our gardens and farms, supplying us with food, cooling us,and even offering us adventures and sports in its depths and on it's surface.

For our month of water puzzles, we will be concentrating on bodies of water. Streams, rivers, ponds, lakes, oceans and seas and those things that represent them. Statues, paintings, shorelines, aquariums and all things that live in and on them. Let's celebrate water and waterlife.




These are a few examples that are currently in the database awaiting use as puzzles.

2013-05-25/Zanymuse/7fa10e 2013-05-25/Zanymuse/38f8ff
2013-05-25/Zanymuse/481e2d 2013-05-25/Zanymuse/c3948f
2013-05-25/Zanymuse/7289cc 2013-05-25/Zanymuse/ba0d87
2013-05-25/Zanymuse/faf913 2013-05-25/Zanymuse/20c9e1
2013-05-25/Zanymuse/2a9025 2013-05-25/Zanymuse/fd83ac
2013-05-25/Zanymuse/de5d2a 2013-05-25/Zanymuse/34ca67



In order to allow as many entries and possibilities as you can manage for this special month, I have decided to make Augusts' puzzles based upon this theme. That means your entries will need to be in the database on or before July 10th to give me time to create the puzzles and upload them by August 1st.

Get outside, take your camera, and search out opportunities to join us in a wet August. From sea to sea, rivers to water gardens, lakes to aquariums, even a fish bowl, the possibilities are there, awaiting you.

There are 31 days in August. Do you have images to contribute? If so, please don't wait! If not, please break out your camera and start shooting ☺

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