How to Make Your Own Banner

By Karen Burch aka gardener2005 (gardener2005) on October 9, 2010

Have you been thinking about making your own personalized banner but you are unsure of where to begin? Read this article and watch the video to find out how to get started making your own banners.

This is a instructional article about how to make a tile banner for your Cubit using Picasa 3 .There are so many ways a banner can be made but this is a very easy way to make your first banner.  Make sure you have a designated folder just for your Cubit banner picture. Go to your start panel and click on your pictures. Select make a new folder in file and folder tasks. You will see a folder pop up with[new folder] written underneath. Look for it and give it a name you can remember easily. Click in the box and it will turn into a text box. aaacubit header would give it a place near the top in the alphabetical folder list. Now you are ready to work on your project. The logo appearing on the left is always there on everyone`s Cubit.  Don`t worry if it seems to cover part of the banner. Get used to the logo and enjoy!


This is the Toutube video I made to instruct how to make the tile collage.


About Karen Burch aka gardener2005
I`m a artist and a gardener.

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