How to Make Your Own Banner Part 2 Including Set Up Instructions

By Karen Burch aka gardener2005 (gardener2005) on October 9, 2010

This part 2 instructional video includes a bit on how to find new cubits on and how to set up your new banner!



This is Part 2 of this article series to instruct you how t o make a tile collage banner using Picasa 3 and then install it into your Cubit.  There is a bit of searching for Cubits advice included and also hands on instruction on how to get your banner of choice up and running in your cubit!

I have included these printed instructions so you may take notes on how to set up your banner.  Watch the video and take your notes and that will help you find everything ok.

To install your new banner,you will need to know how to access the Cubit Control Panel. Click your account on the top menu ,then click on one of your Cubits listed toward bottom right of the page and then click Cubit Control Panel on upper right. The two sections in the Cubit Control Panel important for fixing up your theme and header are Files Control Panel which stores your picture files and gives them a url and Themes Control Panel which is where you copy and paste the url to your header picture and change your colors.

Fixing Up Your Cubit Header

1. Click Your account in top menu , Click on your cubit`s name,then look over to the top right where the picture of the wrenches is located you will see the Control Panel Click that.

2. Select Theme Control Panel

3. You will then click on Theme to Use. Here you will find a drop down menu of choices.

A. First you have two choices Default Theme(which is a already made banner and colors) or Make your own from the list. Pick one and save changes.

B.If you want to choose your own colors for the Default banner then after you pick a default banner and save changes,come back and chose Make your own and save changes. Then you can pick colors for the default banner.

C. If you chose Make your own at the beginning and saved changes you can now make your own 125 x 1200 pixel banner picture, upload it to your files control panel, and copy and paste the url into the Banner URL box.

If you change your mind about your banner then it is important to go erase the link from the Banner URL box and choose again or the same picture will stay.

4.Do not allow your header to be less than 125 in heigth or it may not show in some browsers. It is okay to have variations in width depending on the look you want.


Next, watch this video because seeing another person doing this is a really good way to learn.


About Karen Burch aka gardener2005
I`m a artist and a gardener.

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