Home Decorating forum: The secrets of home staging from a pro (Part 1)

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Feb 9, 2015 11:34 PM CST
Name: raven lewis
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Around the country, there’s a little tradition every year where real estate companies open up certain homes for people to walk through. It’s called the Parade of Homes. The houses are usually scattered in a variety of areas and might serve as an example of the type of home a company is building in that neighborhood. You’re required to put blue paper booties on your shoes and sometimes stick to plastic matted areas. But get ready to feast your eyes on some of the most gorgeous houses you’ve ever seen.

Are the houses fabulously expensive? Some are, but not all. Do they have special features and layouts other houses don’t? Not really. Some of them are really just normal houses. But what makes them seem so beautiful and other-worldly? The secret is in the staging.

Home staging might be the difference between “sold” and “for sale”

Home staging is the secret weapon of the real estate industry. They outfit an otherwise normal home with beautiful furnishings and top-notch interior design in order to make the house even more enticing to buyers. Of course, all that staging goes away when a house is purchased, but it does show you what a home’s potential is. Compare two homes with the same layouts and similar features but clean one up and leave the other one cluttered and messy and the clean one will be purchased first almost every time.

Of course, homeowners outside the real estate industry probably don’t have the funds to pay for a home staging, so what can they do instead? Birgit Anich, the owner of her own successful home staging company shared some insider’s secrets with TheHour.com. Here’s what she said.

De-cluttering and cleaning are precursors to home staging

First, there’s more to staging than de-cluttering and de-personalizing your home. Yes, those things help, as do splashing on a new paint job, catching up on home maintenance, and sticking with neutral color schemes throughout, but that’s not what home staging is. That’s what you do before the staging process begins.

Showcase different aspects depending on your target buyer

“Every property has unique features which need to be highlighted and showcased to capture the sophisticated eye of today’s buyers,” said Anich. She went on, “A great staging . . . connects with target buyers on an emotional level. It presents buyers with a lifestyle experience they are dreaming of.”

The key to this is first, know who the target buyers are for your particular home and property, and second, recognize what makes your property different from others. Are you close to good schools and parks and have plenty of bedrooms? Think about what makes your home attractive to families with kids. Are you a close distance to a college with good access to public transportation? Consider whether property investors would think your home was a good rental investment to market to college students. In each case, the lifestyle experience you highlight will be different.

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Mar 11, 2019 3:41 AM CST
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