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Feb 2, 2019 2:41 AM CST
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There's the easy way to copy an image that you see on a website. Say, for instance, you want to keep this image of a shaved dog.

Thumb of 2019-02-02/Skiekitty/08dbb5

If you hover your mouse over the image and RIGHT CLICK, a dialog box comes up.

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Bring your mouse down & click on the "SAVE AS" button.

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It will bring up yet a different dialog box, this time showing you the original name of the image (or the website's name for it), the type of the image (PNG, JPG, GIF, TIF, etc), and wants to know what you want to name it, or if you want to keep that name.

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Click on the name bar & type what you want to name it. On this particular case, I renamed it from the gobbedlygook to "shaved_dog" (I use underscores as pure habit from the 90s when you couldn't have 'special characters' in names such as a space or a hyphen).

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One thing that is VERY VERY VERY important is to know WHERE the computer is going to store the image!!! So many times I've downloaded an image & have zero clue as to where I put it.. kinda like what I do when I walk from one room to another. So make sure that you look to the left & decide which folder to put it into.

Thumb of 2019-02-02/Skiekitty/4cb6c1

In this particular case, I decided to just upload it into my Pictures folder.

Thumb of 2019-02-02/Skiekitty/cfafe1

If I wanted it in a subfolder, I'd have to choose that. There is an arrow to the left of the main folder. Click on that it and it will go from pointing right to pointing down. That expands all the subfolders in the main folder (it's called a tree. The main "trunk" is your PC. Then the subfolders are the main ones you see.. Documents, Downloads, Pictures, Music, etc. Inside THOSE folders are the smaller "branches" (subfolders within a subfolder) that can make your life a LOT easier if you sort through things. I'm actually showing you exactly what's on my computer. Well, a tiny portion of it. But you can see how I have everything organized either by date (when I first had a digital camera), and then by category (cats, dogs, chickens, flowers, etc.. and then there's subfolders inside THOSE folders..).

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Once you've saved it, it's yours! Yay! And, in theory, you even know where it is so you can access it later on! Now comes the fun part: saving an image that canNOT be "right clicked".

Say, for instance, you want to save this image of one of my roses, Blue Bayou.

Thumb of 2019-02-02/Skiekitty/ee6e2d

You right click it, and nothing happens. No dialog box, nada. Then you look off to the side and it says that it's not downloadable, copyrighted, blahblahblah. hehe, there's ALWAYS a way around EVERYTHING. And I'm pretty much an expert on THAT. So, what you need to do is LOOK AT YOUR KEYBOARD. I'm going to show a standard 101keyboard here.

Thumb of 2019-02-02/Skiekitty/e4b5ef

Now the SHIFT button is something that everyone knows how to use. That's how you make capital letters. However, you can do other fun stuff with it, too. It kinda like unlocks "special" commands, if you know what they are. Look on your keyboard somewhere near the DELETE button. That's towards the top & the right. If you have a number pad, it's between the letter keys & the number pad. In that little area there's some other buttons.. Home, End, Back, and, most importantly, a button that NO ONE ever uses: PrintSrc. That's short for Print Screen.

Thumb of 2019-02-02/Skiekitty/ee9040

What you want to do is HOLD DOWN the PRINTSCN button *AND* the Shift Button at the same time. Make sure that the image you want is as centered in your screen as possible.

Thumb of 2019-02-02/Skiekitty/4e4215

And... nothing happens. LOLLL Actually, what you just did was take a Snapshot of your screen. It's how I've been doing this entire lesson. That's why you can see my TaskBar at the bottom, etc. (yes, it really is 1am my time.. heck, Vicki is probably almost getting up by now.) Anyways, what you want to do is click on your Cortana bar at the bottom (Windows 8 & better.. for instructions on Windows 7 or XP, let me know).

Thumb of 2019-02-02/Skiekitty/de380d

I'm going to have you use Windows Paint because, IMO, it's the easiest one to manhandle. So type in that box "Paint"

Thumb of 2019-02-02/Skiekitty/66686f

A dialog box will pop up and at the top is Paint. Just click on that and a new program will open up. Yay!

Thumb of 2019-02-02/Skiekitty/07876b

Look in the upper left hand corner under "File" There's a icon that is supposed to look like a clipboard and the word "Paste" is right underneath it. The clipboard looking thing *should* be in color.

Thumb of 2019-02-02/Skiekitty/4690b2

If it is greyed out like this, then you didn't get a screen shot.

Thumb of 2019-02-02/Skiekitty/2091c5

Click on the "Paste" button and the screenshot will appear. It shows EVERYTHING that is open at that time, so make sure that you have only the window w/the image in it available.

Thumb of 2019-02-02/Skiekitty/660bc1

You'll need to look at "Select", which is next to the Paste button. Click on that. It's automatically adjusted for freestyle squares/rectangles, not circles or whatnot. You have to adjust it later for that if you want. But for right now, we're just doing a square to capture the rose in this page.

Thumb of 2019-02-02/Skiekitty/20065b

I wasn't able to capture an image of the cross, but a "crosshairs" will show up as your mouse pointer. I *personally* start at the top left of the image & scroll down & towards the right, making sure that I get the whole image. A dotted line in the shape of the box you're "drawing" will appear.

Thumb of 2019-02-02/Skiekitty/ecfddc

Once you have the image selected, you will need to cut away everything else. Right next to the "Select" button is "Crop" Just click on that.

Thumb of 2019-02-02/Skiekitty/7d2a0e

You now have just the image you selected! If you don't like how it came out, you can hit the undo button (looks like a blue arrow going counter clockwise up top left) and start over again with cropping. But you should have an image that kinda looks like this:

Thumb of 2019-02-02/Skiekitty/897f8e

Now you need to Save your image.

Thumb of 2019-02-02/Skiekitty/9aa301

You can either "Save" or "Save As". Your choice. I always do the "save as" just in case I want the original image.

Thumb of 2019-02-02/Skiekitty/52e22b

A dialog box will pop up... you can then name your image. ALWAYS MAKE SURE THAT YOU PUT IT IN THE RIGHT FOLDER!!!! That way you can find it later!

Thumb of 2019-02-02/Skiekitty/db8aa5

If it's all done right, which it should 'cuz if I can do this, anyone can, you now have an image that is not saveable on your computer. If you look at the top of the Paint bar, it'll have the name of what you named it.

Thumb of 2019-02-02/Skiekitty/1b6fd0

And you're done!
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