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Jan 7, 2020 3:42 PM CST
Name: Arlene
Grantville, GA
some IP stuff I just posted on another thread

Best convenience feature is being able to start with FROZEN meat... just add a couple min to cooking time. also, the first time you follow a meat recipe for anything you don't want cooked to death, cut the time at pressure by HALF. You can always do another pressure cycle with a few more min, or finish in over or microwave, but you can't uncook it once overdone. most meat recipes seem to aim for overdone, by my standards. one last tip for meat, always do a full natural release, which means wait for pot to cool down on its own before removing lid, otherwise meat will seize up and get super tough.

I used my instant pot for a re-do yesterday. I had some thin-cut pork chops that I'd marinated for stir fry, thought I'd get ahead of the curve by giving them a quick sear and slicing into strips before freezing for future meals... well, good idea, but unfortunately I overcooked the pork, and it was decidedly un-tender. Figuring I had nothing to lose, I tossed my cut strips into the steamer insert on the instant pot and added 1 cup of water, then pressure cooked 10 minutes on high pressure. Ta-dah! The strips got nice and tender, but a lot of their flavor ended up in the cooking liquid. No biggie, I heated the liquid on the saute setting and added a tablespoon of cornstarch in some water, then tossed the recooked strips with the "sauce."

It wasn't the "easy" prep I'd envisioned, but I still saved some cutting by buying the thin-sliced chops. And now I can make a big pan of stir fry veggies (black bean sauce, maybe?), then add pork to part of it and shrimp to the rest (for me! Jim and Joyanna can't/won't eat shrimp).

Blah blah…

turkey soup (with some cooked chicken thighs from the freezer, since the leftover turkey is long gone) which we ate last night (2 more meals' worth in freezer, plus turkey stock for another round).
turkey carcass went into IP, covered with water, seasonings and garlic added, for 90 min on high pressure.

I have 4 packages of chicken breast (on sale for $1.49 at Aldi's) to turn into 2 types of curry and poached chicken... yes, you guessed it, instant pot! 10 minutes on high works out well for those huge chicken breasts, maybe 12 minutes if you want to be able to shred them, and putting them on a silicone trivit or steamer insert keeps them from giving their flavor to the cooking liquid.


The usual "recipe" for hard-boiled eggs in the instant pot is 5-5-5. 5 minutes at high pressure, 5 minutes of cool-down (then do a quick-release), and 5 minutes in an ice water bath.

I really don't like messing with the ice water bath or doing 2 additional timing steps after the IP goes beep beep.

So I do eggs for 4 minutes at high pressure, then do a quick release IMMEDIATELY after the pressure cycle is done, and put the eggs back into the carton and into the fridge (with the carton lid open to let them cool a little faster). Nothing bad happens if any of those steps take longer, but you might get a bit of that green ring around the yolk, which frankly doesn't bother me that much -- I like this easier method.
Jan 7, 2020 3:43 PM CST
Name: Arlene
Grantville, GA
Instant Pot Beans

no more pre-soaking or quick-soaking! it's OK to double this recipe in a 6 qt IP, but don't triple it -- beans swell a lot!

1 lb dried beans (pinto, kidney, little red, black, etc -- whatever you have on hand)

Sort the beans (I always check for twigs, rocks, etc) and put them into the pot. '

Add enough water to cover by at least an inch, more with black beans, just keep it under the "max" line.

Cook for 2 minutes at high pressure, partial natural release (wait at least 10 minutes, and if you did a full pot, do full natural release because beans can clog the valve). Pour off the water. Your beans are now "soaked" and should have begun to soften.

Now you can add things that are salty and/or acidic. (Never do so when beans are still hard; sometimes they will stay hard forever.) I like to use a jar of roasted-style salsa and a 14-ish oz can of tomato (sauce, crushed, diced, whatever). A diced onion is good, too, and if you like hot peppers and have some on hand (fresh or dried), add according to your heat tolerance.

Seal lid and cook on high pressure another 8-12 minutes (longer time for hard kinds like black beans).

If you want "refried" texture, stomp them with a potato masher or let cool and squish with your hands.
Jan 14, 2020 5:39 PM CST
Name: Vicki
North Carolina
From Jill:


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Dec 21, 2021 4:40 PM CST
Name: Arlene
Grantville, GA
From Jill

Poached Chicken with broth

Put boneless chicken breast into the pot. Add enough water to submerge the chicken. For every quart of water, add a tablespoon of salt and a tablespoon of italian herbs or bouquet garni. Pressure cook for ZERO minutes and do a natural cool-down (don't release the pressure). Perfect poached chicken, moist and lightly seasoned! If you let it sit for an hour before turning it off, chicken will still be tender and tasty, and you'll have delicious chicken broth as well.
Jul 5, 2022 11:46 AM CST
Name: Vicki
North Carolina
From Jill

For brown jasmine or brown basmati rice, I use the directions from https://www.dadcooksdinner.com/. 2 cups rice, 2 1/2 cups water, 1/2 tsp salt, 20 minutes at high pressure, then natural release (let it cool down 15 minutes, and if it hasn't quite released the lid, then manually release the remaining pressure). You can saute' the rice for 5-10 minutes with a tablespoon or two of butter and seasoning before adding the liquid -- timing is the same.

My most-used link for IP recipes (including the famous Cheesecake #17). It's Amy & Jacky's site, https://www.pressurecookrecipes.com/
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Jul 22, 2022 4:11 AM CST
Name: Vicki
North Carolina
From Jill

Tex-Mex Rice (Instant Pot)

1 1/2 cups converted rice (like Uncle Ben's)
2 Tbsp butter (optional)
1-2 Tbsp tex-mex seasoning (see notes)
8 oz salsa, optional (try one with a "roasted" flavor)
1 cup water
1 can kernel corn, including the liquid
1 can black beans or little red beans, rinsed and drained

optional additions
1 large sweet onion, chopped
2 sweet (red) bell peppers, choppped
12 oz salsa (try one with a "roasted" flavor)
8 oz shredded "Mexican blend" cheese

For added flavor, start by sauteeing the rice with the butter and the Tex-Mex seasoning, stirring frequently for several minutes until the butter is absorbed and some of the rice has turned from translucent to chalky white. Add the water, corn with its liquid, and black beans. Add salsa, if desired. You can still use extra seasoning if you're using salsa, just use the lesser amount. Lock the lid, checking that the pressure valve is turned outward. Cook for 6 minutes at high pressure. Manually release pressure at the end of the cooking cycle, if needed. Remove lid, stir in shredded cheese (if using).

If you don't have a Tex-Mex seasoning blend like adobo or "Sunny Arizona," you can approximate adobo by adding 1 teaspoon each of granulated garlic, granulated onion, black pepper, and oregano (Mexican oregano if you have it, otherwise just regular oregano), plus 1/2 teaspoon cumin and 1/2 teaspoon cayenne.

This is good as a side dish with fahitas or grilled chicken. It's good to bring to a pot luck. We like it together with taco-seasoned ground beef, rolled up in a flour tortillo. Add sour cream, chopped lettuce, salsa, etc. If I don't cook the meat with peppers and onions, I'll dice a large sweet onion and two red bell peppers and add them to the rice.

I gave IP instructions, but you could obviously cook it on the stovetop as well (I did, for decades). In that case, start with 3 cups liquid, including the liquid from the can of corn, and bring to a boil. Add 1 1/2 cups rice along with everything else. Reduce heat to low, simmer 20 minutes. Stir in cheese, giving it a chance to melt.
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Jul 25, 2022 10:47 AM CST
Name: Vicki
North Carolina
From Jill

Jim's Perfectly Easy Perfect Rice in the Instant Pot

This seems to work with all types of white rice that I've tried -- converted, jasmine, basmati. Jim gets the credit for finding this method! When you cook rice on the stovetop, you need twice as much water as rice. In the IP, you need a little bit more than 1 part water to 1 part rice (by volume). This method works every time!

1. Measure the rice and RINSE it. I drain it in a sieve. This step adds that little bit more water, plus it removes surface starch.
2. Put the wet rice into the IP.
3. Add water, measure for measure with the rice. If you used 1 cup of rice, add 1 cup of water.
4. Hit the "RICE" button OR set for 12 minutes on low pressure OR set for 6 minutes on high pressure.
5. Serve whenever. If you're in a hurry, manually release the pressure after the cook cycle is done. If you're not eating for another 2 hours, the IP will keep the rice warm.

Additional tips:

I don't think I've made less than 1 cup of rice (makes 2 cups cooked rice). I don't know why it wouldn't work to make just 1/2 cup (1 cup cooked), but consider that an experiment!

I've cooked the rice a little longer, too, if I added meat or something that needs a longer cooking time, and it still works fine.

You can use stock/broth instead of water.

For added flavor, I sometimes sautee' the rice with butter and seasonings, using 1 tbsp butter per cup of raw rice and cooking/stirring until most of the rice changes to a chalky white color. If you do this, you have to start with dry rice, not rinsed. Not a problem -- just add 1 Tbsp water for every 1/2 cup of rice, and it'll come out about right.
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