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Oct 17, 2016 8:08 AM CST
Name: Vicki
North Carolina
From Toni


ground beef
ground cumin (we call it Comino.. coh-MEE-noh), ground coriander, dried oregano, salt, pepper
minced garlic
finely diced yellow onion
corn tortillas
diced tomato
shredded cojack or colby
more diced yellow onion

Fry up the ground beef w/the spices listed to taste, mixed with the minced garlic & finely diced yellow onion. Once that's fried up, in a separate shallow small pan, heat up oil (veggie oil) at least 1/2" deep. When splattered with a single drop of water & it pops, put in 1 corn torilla at a time, flipping CONSTANTLY with tongs at least 3 times. The tortilla should poof up a little and this should take no more than 10-20 seconds per tortilla. Remove from grease & let drain on paper towels. Do this for every torilla. Put beef, shredded cheese, tomato, onion, & avocado (slices, mushed, whatever) inside tortilla. Done. 10 minute meal. Mexicans don't eat lettuce. We grow it, but we don't eat it. Never put the cheese on top of the tomato/onion/avocado because then it doesn't melt. In fact, put the cheese in before the beef so that it melts.

In order to make traditional Southern NM style enchiladas, use the red chile sauce recipe stated above. Do everything else as listed here. After the tortillas have been deepfried & drained, dip each one in the red chile sauce. Put the slathered tortillas on your plate flat, put the meat/cheese/tomato/onion on 1/2 of the tortilla. Fold the tortilla & put the next tortilla NEXT to the folded one. Fill with stuff. Fold in half, put the next tortilla. When you have as many enchiladas on your plate as you want, sprinkle cheese on them, then pour a ladle of sauce over them all. Sprinkle w/more cheese. The "stacked" enchilada thingie is a northern NM thing and the rolled enchilada thing.. tbh, I have no idea where that comes from. You can make flautas and cover them with sauce... but that's not a southern NM thing & that's what I grew up with. Flautas are like tacos, but instead of frying the tortillas, you get raw corn tortillas, put a little meat/cheese inside, roll them up TIGHT, placing them fold-side down on a cookie sheet, pin close with a toothpick, and baked at like 350 for 5-8 minutes until crispy. Make sure you grease the bottom of the pan or they'll stick & fall apart. Or you can make tostadas by frying the corn torilla until incredibly hard (about 30-45 seconds total), sprinkling with a little seasoning salt, and then putting refried beans, ground meat (usually beef), then tomatoes/onions/cheese/avocado. You can also use the red chile to make Carne Asada with diced pork simmered in some red sauce until the red sauce is almost 100% evaporated and there's very little sauce left. But that's usually heartburn city because the grease from the chile soaks into the pork.. omg is it good, but my tummy's never liked it.
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