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Oct 26, 2016 6:33 PM CST
Name: Arlene
Grantville, GA
Abraham Lincoln --- does anybody even remember him? In this day and age the history lessons have been so changed he might just be a very distant memory or not at all in the minds of some -- but he said one time "A house divided against itself cannot stand."

I know this is a Biblical quote, but today as in history, it applies all over the world. Our cities, our states, our country, the world . . . is anybody working together for the good of all? Politics and politicians have become a joke, and as a result we have world wide chaos. It didn't happen overnight but we are reaping the results of the seeds that have been sown. We as a people have not always made wise choices and we as a people have not taught our children to make wise choices . . . I'm talking collectively, not as individuals. So we are stuck in a chaotic world and our young people don't know which way is up, and they are choosing to ignore or too often they are choosing to join the chaos because they don't realize the end results.

Perspective is different for those of us who have lived during WWII, when we had so little yet the results were so much, and the following years of gold and richness until the golden glow began to show cracks in the 60s. We seemed to patch the cracks in the 70s but beneath them there was growing a strange bit of rebellion and by the 80s the rebellion began to spill through the cracks. We still had time in the 90s to break the rebellion that by then was seeping through even faster, but we thought we'd grow out of it and things would get back to 'normal' but for alot of people, youngsters included, 'normal' was just a word, not an action. And so now, well into a new century we are right here in a world so many of us don't recognize. And instead of listening and thinking for themselves, so many are saying 'I am right and everybody else is wrong' and that very selfish mode: I, I, Me, Me and Mine, Mine, is putting us on the fast track to nowhere. Or we are so weak minded we can't think for ourselves so we are siding with a group just to have somebody to hold on to, no matter that the group is standing on a mountain made of swirling sand.

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