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Oct 26, 2016 9:00 PM CST
Name: Arlene
Grantville, GA
Tell us your Easter memories!!

I was thinking this morning of years ago when I sniffed that same wisteria scent. When I was little Easter meant church and a brand new dress, new shoes, new hat and new gloves. I remember just about all of them, including the new dresses, mostly all handmade by my mother. She bought the shiny black patent Mary Janes, and she bought the hat or made a fancy bow from leftover fabric from my dress. But the dress was always handmade.

The year I was in 8th grade I asked for my first straight skirt, a pencil skirt they might be called now. Mom made the straight skirt and a jacket to match and I couldn't wait to wear it for the first time to church. And so I did. After church we had lunch with my grandmother and all the aunts and uncles and cousins who lived close by. By the time lunch was over and we hid the eggs for the little cousins to find, my gorgeous straight skirt was slipping and I had to hold it up with one hand. I'd long since tossed the jacket aside.

After the last egg hunt and all the jelly beans I could eat, everybody was outside enjoying the beautiful day but I crept back inside to find both grandmothers in the kitchen cleaning the last of the lunch dishes. I went to them and asked if I could borrow a safety pin and of course they had a safety pin and so I took it to the bathroom and pinned that skirt to my underwear just knowing the elastic in it would hold the skirt up. I went back outside knowing that pin was going to keep me from grave embarrassment. Bad things happen when you have the shape of a ruler.

Croquet was next on the agenda, we always played our first croquet game of the year on the lawn on Easter Sunday. It was more for those of us cousins who were older, too old we thought for the egg hunt. I had the red ball, because it matched the skirt I was wearing and the flowers I had pinned from my jacket onto my blouse. Red roses from Mom's rose bush in the back yard. We didn't live anywhere near a florist but a rose and a pin were all I needed for a corsage, along with maybe a little asparagus fern for greens.

It was my turn and much like playing golf, I made my first swing at the croquet ball. My grandparents had a large lawn and the stakes and wires were far apart for those of us who were older. I swung with my entire body. As soon as I did, I realized the skirt was traveling downward again along with the underwear that was holding it up. I dropped the croquet hammer thing fast, grabbed the skirt and went running to the closest hiding spot, the cellar.

I thought maybe if I spent the rest of the afternoon in the cellar, the laughter that I could hear all over that mountain might fade with time. Eventually Ninna, always the one to my rescue, came to the cellar with a few more safety pins along with my jacket. She pinned my skirt to my blouse, and I finally dragged myself out of that cellar but only after my older cousins had gone home.

It was not the happiest of all my Easters, but probably my most memorable one.

I've been digging around in old pictures trying to find that red suit, but all I could find from Easter were those when I was very small. After the straight skirt fiasco, Mom made dresses with straight skirts for me. Just a few of them because I thought they were so grown up, but never a skirt all by itself. I guess if the straight skirts were attached to the tops, I could keep them on a little better. I also remember the little red elastic suspenders. Ha.

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