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Oct 27, 2016 7:58 AM CST
Name: Arlene
Grantville, GA
Little short story:

Years ago when my children were still in elementary school, must have been in spring but I can't remember. Anyway, we'd finished dinner and the children were in the den with their dad and I was cleaning the kitchen, Our house is built in such a way that the western third of it is open with an floor to ceiling laundry/furnace/waterheater room in the middle. From the kitchen I can see all through that open area. Like a great room.

Anyway, I remember the children wanted to watch a show on TV and this was allowed for an hour after dinner if their homework was done. The TV was off and I remember I was asking them if all homework was done while I was wiping the table. Vivid memories of that moment.

Our TV reception came via a line into the house and that line entered right behind the TV. The table I was cleaning is about 20 feet from it and the children were on the sofa that faced the TV so they were perpendicular to me. All within that 20' span. At that time the sofa was sectional, the children on one leg of it and Bob against the wall I was facing on the other leg of it.

He had not turned the TV on, seems like this was before the days of the remote so he would have had to get up to do so.

Suddenly I saw a ball bounce up from behind the TV, bounced to the ceiling and then to the wall above where Bob was sitting. I was so startled I couldn't move or say a word, but that ball made another bounce against the TV wall then disappeared. I glanced at the children and Ashley's hair is curly like mine but long, very long in those days and her hair was standing straight out and up all around her head. As soon as that registered in my brain, there was a huge thunderclap that jolted all of us and we all sort of melted together at the end of the sofa, Bob and I as frightened as the children. Then the stink began, like burning eggs, that's the only way I knew to describe it. There was no sign of anything, just that odor of burning eggs.

I don't remember any damage to the house but the TV was ruined and the wiring was burned to a crisp. All of it had to be replaced. There was no fire though, only that incredibly bad stink.

And that, my friends, was the first time I ever knew there was ball lightning. It's also why I very nearly crawl beneath the bed with Jazz during thunderstorms. Scary stuff, Vic. Bet it was aimed at those latches if they are metal.

I'm so glad you are safe and unharmed.

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