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Oct 27, 2016 9:23 AM CST
Name: Arlene
Grantville, GA
I close my mind to weird thoughts or dreams, unexplained experiences, and don't think of them incessantly. But I do open my mind to the infinite possibility that we really know only a sliver about the reality of life and death. One time in a moment of fun I allowed my friend to take me to a fortune teller, not one of the fakey ones but a little old woman who lived in a house that was surrounded by a mass of wildflowers. I figured it wouldn't hurt and I really wanted to talk with her about her flowers.

She did her 'reading' thing with my friend while I sat in a far corner listening and watching both of them. It was the usual, looking at her palm, doing something with cards then with incense blown across the room. All sweet and pretty words and predictions. Then it was my turn.

She looked at my palm and said nothing.
She looked at my cards and said nothing.
She did the smoke thing around my head and said nothing.

Finally she said something like this: "You can see my soul as well as I can see yours. Use your gifts wisely."

And that was it. That sort of shivered through my body, but my friend had just paid for her reading and when I started to pay for mine, the old woman would take no money, but told me to pay it forward in some way. It was a weird moment and I think it scared my friend. Didn't scare me as much as make me wonder because the other very strange thing is that if I'm not very very careful, I will dream about the death of someone -- anyone -- and the next thing I know, someone that I know and am very close to has passed away. It's happened several times and that part I don't like very much. I don't always know who, but I know it will be someone who is close to me. It happened before my dad died. I dreamed I was in my grandmother's living room and some men were carrying a casket up the steps. I didn't know who was in the casket but I knew it was going to be placed in the living room and I was clearing out a space to make room for it. Nobody would tell me who it was and it was of course closed. I only knew it would no doubt be family. Dad passed suddenly about a month later, but the living room scene was a memory of when my grandfather died in 1950, by the time Dad passed, nobody did the wake in homes anymore.

It happened this year in early spring, I dreamed of being on a bridge over a huge body of water with a lot of people, many of them people I had taught with. The bridge broke and a part of it fell away and took many of my teacher buddies with it. I woke just as I was getting ready to jump in after them, thinking I could help.

Do you remember my mentioning all the teacher deaths that have occurred this summer? There was the coach, the librarian, the English teacher, the very old science teacher, and can't remember but seems like there were others -- and just last week the husband of one of my favorite teacher friends who lives nearby. So it's weird, but I've learned to be watchful.

I don't tell those things very often, makes people look at me in a very strange way. And besides, I sure don't invite the dreams in for a visit, they just happen. It does make me think along the lines of what Lance said, there is a lot to our consciousness that we are not aware of.

It's a lot like Sunshine sensing a storm. She knows the weather is weird before I do.

So no, I can't predict the weather no do I give much thought to those who do predict the future. It is what it is and I mostly just keep it all to myself. But I do believe there is more to living than we understand right now. We get a glimpse occasionally but then it fades from our minds.

You know my head is filled with a lot of useless knowledge, cobwebs of the mind. It makes me a very good storyteller, though. Smiling

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