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Oct 27, 2016 11:18 AM CST
Name: Vicki
North Carolina
An example, people scream and yell that poke is toxic and fatal. Well, it is at some point. If you are going to eat poke as a vegetable, then it has to be done with very early young leaves and they must be cooked and rinsed then cooked in new water again a couple of times. Same thing with man made chemicals. If you take more tylenol or aspirin or anything else than is recommended, you'll be sick or dead.

Digitalis comes from foxglove. I'd much rather the experts extract it than to even think of extracting it itself.

Aspirin, salacin is where aspirin originated, comes from the bark of the willow, I think. But if we take it directly from the bark without knowing how to deal with it expertly, it can also be toxic to certain extents. So they copied the chemistry of salacin and beat it down so that now we have aspirin in the form that doesn't immediately kill us. My point is we don't know what our ancestors knew about preparing things, so we can't just go out and eat weeds or nibble bark like a wild animal. Before we can live off the land, we have to know how.

We lost two generations of common knowledge about plants, edible and medicinal, in our quest for the *greater* knowledge of man. And what has that gained us? We are now eating who knows what that we purchased from who knows where and it contains things we know nothing about. And paying dearly for it.

We believe everything in every ad we see and hear on commercials and we eat or drink or consume it right into our bodies. Without question. We lost our quest for knowledge and we are paying dearly. Organic or inorganic and how can we be sure?

I'd rather eat weeds from my own back yard.

Pure water comes from that spring at the top of a mountain that has remained untainted for thousands of years. It contains minerals that our bodies need. It's been depleted of necessary minerals. Yet we go out and buy water in plastic bottles. That bought water contains nothing, though it might quench our thirst. But what about all the packaging? What about the plastic bottles that the water is contained in? I think it was Lance that mentioned plastics and foods and absorptions thereof.

Ugh. It must be a soapbox day.
Just be careful no matter what you are eating or drinking.

I'll hush now
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