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Oct 27, 2016 11:52 AM CST
Name: Vicki
North Carolina
Well, Charlie, Kentucky is Kentucky and it's just as bad on the west side as it is on the east end even with 400 miles between the two. But of course, it's just as good too.

The stereotype doesn't mean much of anything, and lots of people play along with it just to get misguided attention. There's good and bad in all of us, it seems, no matter where we live. Disregard for nature and for natural resources drive me craziest though. Seems like it runs rampant more here in the western end of the state than across on the other side.

You are right in one regard, there's not one exotic thing about Kentucky.
I do get a kick out of all the stereotypes though.

There was a man here in western Kentucky who died not very long ago. Actually he was a friend of mine if one could call a good debater a friend. We debated a lot. Anyway, he was what I would call an entrepreneur, without reservations. He lived along a busy highway that saw a lot of tourist traffic leading to one of the lakes. One year he started a rumor that he'd seen a snake as big as a telephone pole and it had a yellow head and yellow stripes, he said he was going to catch it because he knew it lurked around on his farm. So on one very busy tourist-y weekend there were signs along the highway leading to his house:

See the Snake: Big as a telephone pole: $1.00.

People started stopping, pulling up in his driveway, lots of traffic, lots of people. He had one of his children sitting in the shade of a big oak collecting $1.00 from everyone who walked past on the way out behind the barn to see the snake, or to try to prove he was lying. Another child sold cans of soft drinks that were iced down in a tub for $1.00. Behind the barn he had dug a deep 3 or 4 foot pit, had lined it with rocks and made a shelf like structure in the bottom. If you looked into the darkened pit, you could see bits of yellow and a slightly pointed end which could resemble the head of a snake, all tucked nicely slightly beneath the rocky shelf. It was a pretty big and deep pit, but glimpses of yellow could be seen. The man made about $500 that weekend, then he told anybody who inquired that the snake had escaped, but he was determined to find it again.

This went on until early fall and he kept finding then losing the huge snake, and by then he'd made well over $2000+. The news was in all the papers and even on the radio when they interviewed him. But in fall he told that the snake got away again but he had hopes of catching it once more in the spring.

I happened to have one of his children in class that fall and learned his trick: he'd painted an old football yellow and tucked it beneath the rocks with just one end sticking out. The other yellow was just more paint splashed on the rocks beneath. The pit was darkened anyway. I never got to see the snake, though not for lack of trying. Every time I asked him about it, he always said it had slithered away and he was afraid to turn me loose on his farm to try to find it because the snake was so much bigger than I was.

So the question is, who was the smarter? The man who gained thousands of dollars and got lots of publicity, or those people who each paid a dollar trying to prove he was wrong.

Ahhhhhhhhhhh Kentuckians.
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