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Oct 27, 2016 12:57 PM CST
Name: Vicki
North Carolina
My daughter woke me: 'Mom, there's a strange Lexus SUV in our driveway. It's blocking my car'.

'It's Sam's SUV', I said.

'Then where's Sam?' said daughter.

'Somewhere around here,' said I.

So I drag myself out of bed and in my long nightgown that is virtually topless from the shoulders up I go outside to see who's visiting my driveway, no coffee yet. The wind hit first and then the cool air, but I walked barefoot and gown clad down to the mysterious silver SUV, walked all around it then still barefoot walked through dew laden grass from one side of the front to the other, toes shivering, but checking each end of my house. Where is Sam?

"Mom, you can't walk around the yard in your nightgown!"

"Watch me."

"Mom, the neighbors!!"

You'll notice I don't talk much in early mornings, nor do I really care what neighbors think. Except Sam.

Sam is my neighbor and best friend here and lives diagonally across the street from my back yard. She is my gardening buddy and my 'let's go exploring' partner and also my problem solving friend. Recently she has been sick and it worried me that her car suddenly appeared in my driveway. Where was Sam?

Still in my long almost topless gown that was by this time soaked to the knees in dew and shivering in the chilly morning air I walked all around my house looking for Sam. She was nowhere. Back to the front I went, freezing now, and suddenly realized that my normally quiet little street was looking much like a full frenzied freeway. Amid the honks and the waves it occurred to me that they weren't the least bit interested in my soaking nearly topless gown, but that something was blocking one of the surrounding streets, which could also account for why Sam's car was in my driveway. My gown was getting heavy soaked as it was in dew.

My ears opened then and I could hear the roar of work trucks and the rat a tat tat of something digging into asphalt. Freezing and shivering I walked back inside and finally saw the trucks that were parked and rumbling in front of Sam's house; men busily digging a hole in the middle of her street. By now the gown was dragging. About the same time my phone rang.

"I had to borrow your driveway," said Sam. "Now I'm going back to bed."

Mystery solved, breathing normally again, I jumped into a hot shower and the wet gown went into the washer. My daughter maneuvered around the silver Lexus and went on her merry way.

Now I wonder sometimes why I can't have a quiet morning like normal people when I can just take a nice hot cup of coffee and sit on my deck and enjoy the quiet songs of birds. Why is it that I usually am running around barefoot in all kinds of weather draped in whatever I happened to sleep in, solving mysteries? I swear it happens all the time.

Time to put the gown and the towels that were with it in the dryer.
I might take a little nap now, solving mysteries makes me tired.

Y'all have a real good day.
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