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Oct 27, 2016 2:07 PM CST
Name: Vicki
North Carolina
Webbs weave tangled webs on the website.

Once upon a time in the tangled web of the darkest forest, there lived the crisp and spicy demigod named Rettig. He built his throne by weaving a web of wisteria vines, and there he sat through the darkness of the blackest nights and through the shadowed web of his grayest days on his woven webbed throne of wisteria.

At his feet and on their bellies, the worms wriggled and wove themselves into fleshy mats, keeping his feet dry and crispy from their warmth. And occasionally hungry leeches crawled from the swampy pits that surrounded him, and crept up his scratched and thorn-blooded legs to feast from the spice that dribbled and dripped down from them.

His long dark days and nights were puzzling to him, he who dreamed of having all creatures and beings who lived in the webbed forest bowed down at his crispy spicy feet. But they never appeared, preferring instead to live in the unwebbed sunlight and dance in the unwebbed light of the moon.

So the spicy and crisp demigod named Rettig waited, and watched the tangled web of worms as they continued to weave their bodies into a mat that began to creep upward and over his cold but crisp and spicy feet, providing a living ladder for the leeches to climb ever upward.

And so he sat alone, day after day and night after night . . . alone . . . in the woven webbed world of his own making.

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