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Feb 13, 2017 2:53 PM CST
Name: Mary
The dry side of Oregon
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No sign of the black cat so I am guessing he is gone on business for the season. I'm sure he will be back next winter. Meanwhile, he will live on various kinds of rodents. Today we saw sage rats running on top of the snow. They live underground all winter, actually most of the year, and usually come out of their burrows before the snow goes away. The hawks and owls, foxes and coyotes will catch a lot of them.

Some red winged blackbirds have shown up already like they think it is spring. We haven't seen any robins so far and the gold finches have not started growing their bright yellow feathers. The birds know the signs of spring far better than the people.

Bare patches of ground are getting larger by the day. Deer are starting to move around now that they can go through the snow easier. We have chased them out of here several times and one day a doe was lying in the yard about 3 ft from the corner of the porch, chewing her cud. I chased her out of the yard and then out of the driveway twice before she left to rejoin the herd. Apparently she told them that there might be something here so 10 or 15 of them were back yesterday. After chasing them out twice, Rick saw them on the far side of the piles of snow that line the driveway. He went out and barked like a big, big dog and they ran and haven't been back! I'm hoping to be able to get to the hot fence that protects the young fruit trees to make repairs before they find that the wires look like scalloped curtains between the posts. I may have the advantage though because it has kept them out for 3 or 4 years and they would be likely to think it will still shock them.

A few days ago I waded through deep snow to bury the kitchen trimmings in the garden. It was a job! Up on solid snow with a few steps and then suddenly sinking down 2 feet. I stood on a big drift by the gate and had to reach down to unlatch it and then force it through the somewhat smaller drift on the other side. The soil under the snow was not frozen. I only went to where I could reach the shovel and dig a hole where the tops of my rows will be, but I did see one of the marker stakes for the garlic sticking up a couple of inches! I think those roots have been growing all winter.

Today I walked around on top of the frozen snow and peeked into the place where Ms Great Horned Owl had her nest last year. Nothing yet. We hear owls talking in the evenings and early mornings. They like twilight, not daylight. Sometimes when I am outside at dusk I see them flying from tree to tree or sharing a branch. I'm not likely to know if the barnowls like the new box location until it would be time for youngsters to be looking out the door.

Yesterday Ryan was here to show us his new camera (a gift) with the 400 something lens he bought used, and he walked around looking for birds to photograph. He gave me the link to where he has posted a lot of pictures. He hopes to turn this hobby into a business some day. With his talent, I think that might happen.
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