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Feb 20, 2017 10:45 PM CST
Name: Mary
The dry side of Oregon
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A lot of snow has melted in the past week. It's so nice to see the ground again! Two or three days ago I dug a trail through a 2 foot high drift and opened a gate for Patch to be able to leave the small pasture. He went out at a trot, high stepping with his head up and his tail in the air! He is very happy to be out of the small pasture where he has been confined for about the past 6 weeks. There were a few places where he could get a few nibbles of green grass and it was like candy! Tasty green grass, places to go, things to see! Life is good again! He was becoming depressed and tired of hay.

Today I was looking at the electric fence that protects the young orchard and decided that I should be able to get the wires off the ground and tighten it all up tomorrow even if I have to deal with several inches of wet snow at the lower end. Yesterday the deer were close again, so Rick went out and did his imitation of the big dog again and they all ran over the hill and haven't seen them since! That has proven to be more effective than shooting a shotgun in their direction!

Yesterday I made another trip down the hill to bury kitchen trimmings in the garden. It is still a difficult trip. The garden shed has several buckets of frozen or chilled trimmings and coffee grounds waiting for me to take down there. Maybe that will happen in a few more days! I can see the wooden markers at the ends of the garlic rows and saw a few sticks of raspberry plants showing above the snow. I still haven't seen any sign of the strawberry row, the blackberries or the rhubarb.

Today we went to LaGrande, about 40 miles away, had breakfast at a restaurant where they serve cheese blintzes, and then I went to get a hearing test. Last week the technician who services Rick's hearing aids asked me if I would like to have a hearing test. I know that I don't hear as well as I once did, so I said yes. I have minimal hearing loss, so no need for any hearing aids. Apparently the higher frequency tones are the first to go. I can hear birds, coyotes, and things like that before Rick hears them with his hearing aids. No problem. I think the technician is paid per test, so ok, maybe it helps him and he is a nice man. For us, we had a nice drive to and from LaGrande, and a nice breakfast on a day when we didn't have other obligations or plans. We also went to one of the big box stores and found an employee just unpacking a big cart full of summer blooming bulbs. Well of course I had to buy some!
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