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Mar 6, 2017 10:45 AM CST
Name: Mary
The dry side of Oregon
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Spring isn't exactly springing, however, it is slowly coming. The snow accumulation from this past winter is almost gone except in the piles where it was pushed by the tractor and a few of the larger drifts. My yard only has two remaining drifts. The vegie garden is clear! Yesterday I took the last of the winter accumulation of frozen kitchen scraps to the garden and "fed" it to the soil (buried it). I saw a few brave earthworms in the places where I dug. The soil is still very wet and I scraped it off the shovel when I was finished. It's improving for just walking, evidenced by the fact that my shoes didn't gain several sizes while I walked between the garlic rows to check for sprouts coming through the mulch. None yet. The soil thermometer was pegged out at 30 last week and now reads 35! Progress!

The old rhubarb plant has some red nubs and one little wrinkly pink-red leaf. That plant was here when we moved here in 1993 and I have a better variety so I don't give that one any care. It lives in spite of me. The preferred variety has much thicker stalks and does get some tlc most years if nothing more than mulch. As of yesterday there was no sign of life on either of the big clumps. I raked the surface of the mulch to break it up and then poured the water on it from rinsing out the kitchen scrap buckets. Soil in the strawberry row is still too frozen to allow for any weed pulling.

The pink and peachy color peony, a variety named Sorbet was planted yesterday along with some orange lilies. Those were put in places where I know something didn't survive. I have more lilies to plant and also a new Siberian iris, an old variety from the 1930's but new to me. It's Caesar's Brother. I need to give other bulb type plants time to poke through and show me where they are. I need some of those fancy markers, the kind that aren't gone with the wind.

It's been several days, maybe close to a week since I've heard or seen an owl. I hope they are ok. Maybe Ms Owl decided on a nesting place at one of the other groves of trees in our area. I should spend some time outside at dusk to listen for hoots.

Deer are able to wander easier again now, and we see them giving our place a wide berth because Rick's imitation of a big barking dog has apparently made a lasting impression! Smiling
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