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Mar 24, 2017 10:09 AM CST
Name: Mary
The dry side of Oregon
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Two weeks ago I was looking for garlic sprouts. And then they started appearing, first on the Chinese Pink and then a few days later some of the others. Yesterday I carefully raked the straw mulch off all of them, using the leaf rake with springy metal tines. Some of the sprouts are pale yellow, others that had seen some daylight are bright green! Yesterday was a nice sunny day, today is cooler with rain showers. I need to get busy weeding while the weeds are all about 2 inches high. I hope I can get started on that today.

I dug up some loganberries that had come up in the strawberry row and transplanted them next to the south garden fence. While digging up the last one I broke the handle off the shovel. Rick says it is cheaper to replace the shovel than to buy a new handle. We have an extra shovel so I will finish that job today. I'll have 5 plants along the fence and will need to make a support for them, something simple with metal fence posts and some corral rails that will be a foot or two from the fence and then lateral rails between the support and the fence for the vines to lay on. Cows and my horse and the deer might take a few leaves off through the fence.

Yesterday I noticed that one of the rhubarbs was showing pinkish red nubs which will become wrinkly leaves. The compost is very dark but soon will be completely hidden. It's amazing how quickly rhubarb grows. My two large plants started from two small pieces given to me by a friend about 20 years ago. They need to be divided as they have each grown to clumps about 4 ft in diameter.

Deer are still avoiding our place! Hilarious! Thumbs up

The new owner of the ranch next door has hired a professional fence builder. Last fall and this spring Ryan has torn out all of the old falling down and propped up and patched together perimeter fence along the county roads and last week and this week he has been helping the fence builder build new fences. This guy has all the tools including a machine for boring holes through rock. He has been building fences for 10 years and is fast, efficient and does a good job. The going rate for 5 wire fence with a combination of metal posts and wooden posts and braces is $10,000 a mile. I think that he is only doing about 2 miles this year, the part that was the worst. It is all bad so I am guessing that the next phase will happen next year. It sure looks good to see good fences!
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