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May 15, 2017 10:41 AM CST
Name: Mary
The dry side of Oregon
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More stormy weather came along and has delayed the hook up of the drip system. Ryan got the 3/4 inch mainline hooked up while the wind was howling and rain was threatening. We decided to postpone the rest of the job. He said something about some kind of doodad that plugs into the mainline and has it's own shut off valve, eliminating the need for a separate valve. I want to be able to turn off a line and still use the one next to it. The wind had stirred the drip lines that had been measured and laid out, so I had to straighten and anchor them. The asparagus patch, which over the years has apparently become Gopher Town, had grown up in weeds so that I could barely see a few stalks of asparagus sticking out above them. After a radical haircut with the weed eater, the remaining plants should have a better chance. While running the weed eater, I was snapping off asparagus stalks and eating them. The last few were brought up the hill for Rick when I finished for the day. Today I will tackle the weedy area next to it. While it doesn't solve the weed problem it gives them a very hard time! Does a gardener's heart good!

Gophers still roam underground. One end of a garlic row suffered quite badly during the winter when it was covered in snow. I've located a couple of main tunnels and set traps. While I haven't caught a gopher yet this spring, I have found plugged traps, cleaned them out, relocated the tunnels and set the traps again. Sometimes they plug and abandon a tunnel. I'm concentrating on the area next to the asparagus bed where my foot found a couple of holes yesterday. Those traps were plugged with dirt this morning.

After a delay when the 3 surviving blueberry bushes woke up too much for transplanting this year, I have decided on another plan. I have some field fencing rings that were used for tomato plants in years past... so I will put those around the blueberry bushes and attach old sheets to them to make a little shade for the poor plants. One bush is loaded with flower buds! Maybe the plants will get moved this fall.

Last week I finished cleaning out the area under the pear tree in the yard and an adjacent place with a lot of iris and an abundance of quack grass. I dug and transplanted some of the iris, then just carefully pulled what grass I could for now. Quack grass travels by roots with sharp points that will grow through iris rhizomes, so the only way to really clean it is to dig the whole patch up. Lots of work and the wrong time of year to do it. Anyway, it does look better. I have too many weeds elsewhere, some with open blooms that will soon be going to seed.
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