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Jun 12, 2017 9:46 AM CST
Name: Mary
The dry side of Oregon
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Our unsettled weather continues. It's hot one day, near frost overnight, rain, wind and (thankfully small) hail the next. On and on. My greenhouse babies are all planted and today are again being battered by the wind. New raspberry transplants from a neighbor seem to be happy enough. They filled out the gaps in the two short rows at the top of the garden, above the garlic. Incredible corn has been planted. I'm trying Cantare and Contender bush beans this year. I hope there is enough warmth in the soil to keep them happy while they germinate. Space in the corn rows has been saved for another planting in about a week. Hopefully that will give us corn through the end of the summer until frost. This year I want to freeze some. Various corn freezing methods have been tried for leaving it on the cobs. None are to our liking, so I'll be blanching, cutting it off the cobs, and freezing the kernels in quart zip lock bags.

Weeds. Millions of weeds. We are in a battle for supremacy! Our wet spring has really encouraged them. Every day I try to pull a wheelbarrow load of them either from the flower beds or from the garden. We are making each other's lives difficult.

The strawberry plants have recovered from the hail storm that pretty much stripped them of all leaves and blooms. Garlic has made a decent comeback. The trees have grown new leaves and our young fruit trees look nice and bushy again although there won't be any fruit on them. The rhubarb has sent up new stems and now has big leaves that hide the damage from the May hailstorm.

Birds are certainly busy creatures. We have had babies hatch and learn to fly, and momma birds are still gathering nest material, sitting on eggs for another round of babies... busy! Mr Chinese Pheasant rooster struts around alone... we hope he has a family along a fence row somewhere near. We see the foxes now an then, usually just momma in the field hunting rodents. There are 3 kits this year. The den is pretty much hidden because the grass is tall. Our neighbor, Ryan got a good picture of them. He has some amazing pictures on Instagram.
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