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Jun 18, 2017 11:24 AM CST
Name: Mary
The dry side of Oregon
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This morning I woke hearing owls talking in the single syllable call that youngsters use. Adults will also talk that way since the who-who-who is primarily a mating call. Later this morning I did more looking around, wondering where a nest might have been, because if that was youngsters talking this morning they would not be mature enough to do much flying, surely not half a mile without trees in between. At this age/time of year, they are just hopping from branch to branch and flying very short distances between branches or maybe between trees in close proximity. So, I stood and wondered, and just when I was thinking that the high crotch of one of our old cottonwood trees might be deep enough and secure enough to house a nest, my eye caught something in the willow tree and I realized I was being watched by an adult Great Horned Owl. I looked up and saw not only that owl but also a youngster with softer downy feathers. At that point I left so that my presence would not disturb them. Later I looked from the bedroom window with the binoculars and saw a second adult, all in the old nest tree. The pair might have been here all along and were just not as vocal as the old pair that we had for years. So, at last maybe at least part of the owl mystery has been solved. Also, their location might be closer to the nest than the cottonwood.
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