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Jun 22, 2017 5:12 PM CST
Name: Mary
The dry side of Oregon
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A gopher keeps filling the trap with dirt and plugging the next few inches of his tunnel. I keep digging, following the tunnel and resetting the trap. Sooner or later he will make a mistake. It appears that this gopher war will continue for many generations. Last year I caught 6 and hoped that was all of them. I started locating tunnels and setting traps as soon as I could dig holes this spring, and so far the two I have caught have not been full grown.

We've had a few days of heat and wind. Together they make it difficult for the plants to stay hydrated and growing. So far I am mostly keeping up with their needs. Three of my new raspberries seem to be dead. I didn't expect all of them to make it. The beans are mostly up and have their real leaves. Second corn has been in the ground 6 days, no sign of it yet. One cucumber plant died, the rest of them and all the other squash family members are ok, looking a bit happier than when they were planted. Tomatoes and pepper transplants all lived and are looking good. I weeded around the blueberries... crazy plants woke up this spring after making me think they were dead last summer. Hopefully they will survive now.

I saw one young owl and one adult two more times. On windy days they stay close to the sheltered side of the tree trunk and I have trouble locating them. It's good just to know they are here after months of wondering.
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