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Jul 6, 2017 11:37 AM CST
Name: Mary
The dry side of Oregon
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Yesterday was hot, 102. It's hard to get much done but working early when it's cooler is my strategy. Today will be about the same so this morning I ran the weed eater between the grapes and strawberries, mowed down a messy corner with BIG weeds including Scotch thistles which can grow into huge plants, then went between the strawberries and the Boysenberries where the weeds have gone crazy because of the fine spray from the soaker hoses. Yesterday when I was watering the Boysenberries with the hose and hand sprinkler, I thought I have to do this soon, really soon! The job is not pretty but it does give the weeds a hard time! After a day of baking in the sun they won't look much like their former selves. I wish I had put down drip lines. When these strawberries get replaced or the runners planted in a different row I will do that. Drip lines watered most of the rest of the garden while I ran the weed eater, moved sprinklers in the yard and cooked breakfast.

Patch has been mowing the grass along the lane between our house and the road. I close the pipe gate at the top and have a rope at the bottom. He gets to eat for about an hour and a half, then is lead back to his pasture where there is a treat waiting in his feed pan. He has eaten all the good grass and weeds there and my had supply is very low, so this feeds him. He's too busy eating to plot an escape. This morning his treat was a mushy pear I salvaged from the co-op write-offs. Last week he got carrots, apples and green grapes. We thought the grapes were too sour for us. Patch loved them.

I'll soon have fresh zucchini to eat! There is nothing like fresh food. I might get one more picking off the peas. This hot weather will surely finish them off. Later this month I will be starting to dig the garlic and onions. Today I noticed that I failed to cut the scapes off the Turkish Giant garlic. I need to get that done today so that the bulbs will grow larger. I'll work in short sessions because it's already hot.

Our fire danger has reached the high level as of about a week ago. It won't take long for it to get into the extreme range. There have already been some lightning fires and probably some human caused ones. So far they have been relatively small compared to what we had last summer.
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