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Aug 19, 2017 2:33 PM CST
Name: Mary
The dry side of Oregon
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Over the past few days I have pulled and dug up all of the onions because more than half of the tops had fallen over. Now they are all bundled in groups of 5 and hung to cure in the garden shed. The garlic is probably ready to take down, have the stems cut off and put them in ventilated plastic bins for storing. The bins are some I salvaged from the co-op. They sure have come in handy! The small ones are the size that 4 one gallon milk jugs would hold, and the big ones are twice that size but only half as high. They'll hold all of my garlic and onions. I can sell most of those to the co-op over the next few months. My storage place for those is the side room on the shop which borrows enough heat from the shop to keep it from freezing. It was built to be a garage but now holds a spare refrigerator, a large chest freezer, two tables for working, plus provides storeage for a bunch of other things. Things always take over spaces!

The garden has become very weedy so my next task is to pull the tall pigweed that has seedheads just loaded with seeds and haul it to the burn barrel. My onions would have grown larger if it weren't for the weeds stealing the water. Today is just too windy to be doing much outside.... my hat won't stay on. I did snip the tops off some thistles that had fuzzy heads and carefully put them into an old potting soil bag and tied the top. When it's safe to burn anything (probably late October) I will dump it out on a burn pile. Thistle seeds are like dandylion seeds and when they are mature the wind will carry them like little parachutes. Later I will go back with heavy gloves on and remove the rest of the plants. For now I just wanted to get those seed heads off.
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