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Feb 25, 2018 8:51 PM CST
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Ok, let's see some fluffybutts!

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I went to Murdoch's here in Parker on Friday afternoon and picked up only 4 babies. They had a ton I wanted, but most of them had what's called affectionately as "poopy butt". It's actually dried feces on the babies vent (bottom) that builds up every time they get rid of wastes and usually means that the bird is super stressed. Poopybutt is extremely common, but at the same time, can be deadly if not taken care of as it actually blocks the vent and can cause major problems if not cleaned. Little bit of poopy butt is super common and not too much to worry about, especially with babies coming in via mail especially in bad / cold weather. But when 40+ babies have excessive poopy butt and some are so blocked that they're lethargic... yea, NOT good. So I ended up only getting 4 Easter Eggers. They had others I wanted.. silkies & Gold Laced wynadottes, but the poopybutt factor was too high in those tanks & I didn't want to chance it. Especially since there's no guarantee. Then, Saturday, coming home from taking John to Judo downtown (his dojo is downtown), we stopped by Murdoch's in Littleton. yes, same chain store, but they had a different delivery of babies. There, I found my elusive white easter eggers (!) and some others that I *just* had to get... so I ended up getting 7 easter eggers, 1 silver laced wynadotte, 1 white orpington, & 1 Columbian wynadotte.

Murdoch Babies

So now the babies are here!!! I'm exhausted, but taking care of them has been my highest priority.

Some of my older girls from last year are FINALLY laying, including one of the TwinkyTwin girls... either CrockPot or Stewpot, not sure which one! And I'm getting a large, if really LONG, blue egg from her!! Yay! Or maybe it's coming from Black Opal... I'm not sure now. :/ I know that *she* is squatting.. I need to video that as it's rather funny to watch.

Here's the Eggs from a couple of days ago. Got another one of these blue ones today.

Blue egg from either TwinkyTwin or Black Opal, Pink egg from Ixworth, Tan egg from Freckles (Speckled Sussex), & brown egg from Sheila (Black Australorp).
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