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Mar 7, 2018 3:18 PM CST
Name: Toni
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Vic - Vent is the technical word for the exodus on a bird. They don't have multiple holes like vertebrates, it all comes out the same hole. Fecal matter is actually mixed in with urine and so if you happen to look at a bird's droppings, the white / liquidy part is the urine & other liquid wastes, the green/brown is the fecal matter. But they don't produce that much fecal matter because they don't eat a lot of items that can give them a lot of waste. Waste is heavy, and when you're an aerial animal, you don't want to be heavy. So they have an extremely short digestive track where most of the heavy grinding & churning is actually in the gizzard. The stomach is actually quite tiny and can't hold a lot of food. On a human, the small intestines alone are around 24-26 feet long because we're designed to eat a lot of different stuff to get our nutrients, thus certain parts can absorb different thingies. Birds can't do that, so they eat only what is absolutely necessary (and for some birds, that can be lead pellets, fishing line, tin foil... let's face it, birds are stupid. That's why they're called bird brains. Unless you've got a magpie or a raven or crow... holy crap are they smart... smarter than a lot of people I know.). We as humans haven't figured it out, but birds will NEVER get food poisoning. EVER. They instinctively know right from the egg what's safe to eat & what's not for some reason (with the exception of like lead pellets & fishing line & shiny things, because, well, birds). And because they don't have a huge need for a long intestinal tract & their kidneys are actually quite quite small, only 1 hole. Unfortunately, that means that the egg shoot is through that same exact hole, and that's for all birdies. So when I call 'em butt nuggets, well, that's what they are. They are actually released through the vent, which is also the bird's butt. And vaginal opening (although they don't have a vagina, persay, except for like ducks & geese, but we're not going to go there because that's a whole different & quite nauseating discussion). And every other kind of out. So, putting the food coloring in a the bird's vent sounds a lot nicer than putting food coloring up the bird's butt (also I didn't do that, either... the vent also kinda acts like a vacuum & when I put the dye on the outside edge, it was kinda.. well, tbh, slurped inside. Come to find out that when a rooster mates w/a hen, he doesn't actually enter the hen... apparently they release the sperm on the outside & it just kinda get sucked in.).
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