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Mar 12, 2018 1:21 PM CST
Name: Toni
Denver Metro, Zone 5
Too many cats!!
Vic - some of the babies are getting quite used to getting their picture taken so they know that if they hold still, they get treats. So they hold still for 2-3 seconds, then they get a mealworm. But, tbh, it's all in the wrist of the camera... LOLLL gaw that sounds arrogant, doesn't it.

Yesterday's swap was a good one. I took 8, brought home only 2 originals but bought another chicken & 10 more itties. The itties were buy one get one free type thing, can't look a free chicken in the beak! And the new chicken is a really pretty girl. She's a bantam, so I may put her in with my bantam cochins. I took:

1 Easter Egger mix (she wasn't the friendliest bird and a bit flighty, so I wanted her gone)
Thumb of 2018-03-12/Skiekitty/d64675

1 Silver Penciled bantam Cochin
Thumb of 2018-03-12/Skiekitty/00ea78

1 Ixworth mix (not as flighty now as she used to be, but lays ugly eggs)
Thumb of 2018-03-12/Skiekitty/156195

4 littles from the December crew & the one EE from the November hatching. I sold the EE mix, the Bantam Cochin (she was my primary chicken to get rid of one way or another.. either I sold her or I gave her to a friend to eat.. I hated that damned bird as she screamed ALL the time. Never Shut Up EVER.) and the 4 littles. Brought home just the Ixworth & the EE from Nov because she had some toe damage. I bought a little blue cuckoo bantam who laid an egg RIGHT in front of me and then promptly ate like 1/4th of my Sonic cheeseburger (the owner said that she never wants to be held.. I held her for over 1/2 hour, doesn't eat out of your hand... she ate like I said, about a quarter of my burger, and then I held her AND handfed her and she ate mealworms out of my right hand while holding her in my left like a football.).

Thumb of 2018-03-12/Skiekitty/f045b3

I may put her in with the bantam cochins tonight. She's about the same size as they are.
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