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Apr 10, 2018 4:07 PM CST
Name: Toni
Denver Metro, Zone 5
Too many cats!!
Lord I haven't updated this in a long long time.

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Miss Clucky doesn't like sharing the nest box.. so Crockpot took things into her own hands (wings? talons?).

New chicks, new chicks, new chicks.. waaaaaaay over loaded with new chicks!!! Yikes!

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I haven't done a full Glamour Shots with ALL of the chicks, just a few. And I'm actually getting 16 more tomorrow! What was I thinking????

I did extremely well at the downtown Swap on the 7th... I sold almost everyone I had planned on selling! I took 6, brought home 2, no new ones! That's always a plus! BUT! the swap in Elizabeth on the 8th.. it was a good swap, I had a LOT of fun, but I got majorly ripped off. I took a whole bunch of mini dinos... some had been outside for over a week, suffering through a snow storm, but some hadn't. I put everyone together (they were all between 5-8 weeks old) and had them all in a HUGE dog crate (42") It was VERY VERY VERY windy this weekend and on the eastern Plains, yea, it's worse out there because there's no trees or anything to break the wind, especially since it's coming off the mountains. The wind was also VERY cold. Bleh. I wasn't 100% sure on how many I had and this lady came up wanting all of them. I got a box out to count how many and she said no no, there's 12, I'm sure there's 12. I had already quoted her $80 for the whole lot, whereas I was asking $10/ea, so that's one heck of a deal. So, OK, I will go for $80 for the lot. She left to go get her credit card & I started to box them up.

She said I had 12.

I counted 14 when I boxed them up. So she got them for almost $5, whereas I bought some for that exact price as day old chicks! grrrrrrrr..

and what *REALLY* got my goat was the fact that she got a different vendor from clear across the entire swap (about 500ft up the parking lot) and asked him, right in front of me, if $80 for the lot was a good price. He looked at me, I glared at her, and he said, yea, you are NOT going to get a cheaper price from ANYONE. That really really really ticked me off royally. But because I had already quoted her, I wasn't going to back down.

It's OK. Karma will catch up some day.

After she left w/box of chicks in hand and a duck in her other arm, I was out of livestock to sell, so decided to wander around & check out what others had (I hadn't had the chance yet). I caught up with some FB friends of mine that I've known for years & was discussing this lady when the guy she had brought over to verify that I was giving her a good deal came up. He was made because he had quoted her $20 for the duck, she handed him a folded $10, he just shoved it in his pocket & she took off quickly. It wasn't until after she'd loaded the duck & the chicks that he found out that she'd given him just 1 $10, not 2, so she cheated him out of $10. So we all are going to keep a lookout for her next time.
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