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Dec 19, 2018 5:05 PM CST
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I just saw that I hadn't posted in a billion years here and a lot has gone on w/my chickens this year. Lemme do a highlight:

This rooster I showed a couple of posts up? Here's what he turned into. This was October 15th of this year.

Thumb of 2018-12-19/Skiekitty/5da64b Thumb of 2018-12-19/Skiekitty/210c0a

On August 29th, I picked up a TON of babies from a store near here called Tractor Supply Company. I picked up 16 meat birds, 8 Rhode Island Reds, 8 Black Australorps, & 8 Black Sex links. I've sold all of the non-meat birds other than 1 Rhode Island Red. Meatbirds traditionally don't survive past 8 weeks old due to getting too big and eating themselves to death. Reason why I got so many is because they were $0.25/ea! They wanted them GONE, so I happily obliged. Here's what they looked like in the store.

Thumb of 2018-12-19/Skiekitty/869b9a Thumb of 2018-12-19/Skiekitty/d6c6b6

Unfortunately, I've lost 5 of the meatbirds between then & now, and so I've had to make the decision that it's time to process. So that's what I did on Sunday, I processed my first chicken. I'd watched a couple of videos on how to dispatch, and then how to make from that to dinner-ready. And so my first one was my biggest bird.. This is him (he was a he) on a turkey platter.

Thumb of 2018-12-19/Skiekitty/e99a5f

I have him in the roaster right now. He's too big to be in the rotisserie. He clocked in at almost 6lbs in this state, so we're talking a BIG bird. He was heavier, but I had him dry-aging in the fridge and he dried out a bit.

Today, I processed my 2nd bird. As I don't have a plucker, I just skin after dispatching. I also cut off the last 2 wing joints as that makes it a lot easier. I was able to do the entire process in less than 20 minutes. Pre-processing, 5.7lbs. Post processing: 3.8lbs. Not bad.

Thumb of 2018-12-19/Skiekitty/462ad7

I'll be doing the rest of the meats on Sunday probably.

On Nov 16th, I got in an order of babies from Hoover Hatchery. I started with 10 more meats, 5 Easter eggers, & 2 "Sapphire Gems". These are a greyish bird that's VERY pretty. I lost 3 overnight (the USPS is TERRIBLE here) and then lost 3 more due to .. well, tbh, kitties. Oops. They're growing nicely & have been outside now for a full week. They're not smart enough to go up into the coop-part at night, so every night I have to go out there & put them up into the coop for the night as it's much warmer in there than down on the ground. Dumb birds. Only problem is that the meat birds are outgrowing the others so quickly... it's ridiculous the size difference.
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