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Dec 20, 2018 5:28 PM CST
Name: Toni
Denver Metro, Zone 5
Too many cats!!
omg. This morning was hilarious.

Every morning that I'm not dying from the flu, I get up, get dressed, and start my morning chores. I go to the west side of the house & feed/water the West Side Chickas. Those are my adult layers. I pour out the food first, then unlock the coops otherwise I get tripped up as they won't let me walk around if I don't distract them first. I then go to where the bunnies in the back are & feed/water them (and play with them). As I was working on the West Side Chickas, I could hear the Itties I had put out last week. They were squeeking in starvation... omg, they never ever ever get fed. They're a good... 65? ft away and I can hear them as though they are right there. But I'll get to them in good time. As I'm taking care of the bunnies, I hear rustling in the leaves in one of my shrub beds. Now that's not unheard of.. squirrels, mice, birds... it happens. But this is a little more insistent as the rustling is getting closer and I'm hearing the Itties getting louder. I look over, and here comes a herd of Miniature Fatties heading straight towards me! How on EARTH did they get out of their coop??? Thankfully they've associated Humans = Food, so they're beyond tame (to the point of annoyances) and, right behind them, are 2 of the Easter Egger babies & 1 of the Sapphire Gems. Great. Now I get to chase around itty bitty chickies this morning. So I knock on the back sliding glass door as that's John's office.. he can shoo them my way while I pop 'em back into their coop after I figure out what happened. As he comes out, they go running towards him, too. Yay! 2 humans = twice as much food!!! The big Fatties had also gotten out... and thankfully aren't able to chase down the itties as they could kill & eat them (yes, it does happen). As I got to their coop, I could see where the little bitties were able to just sneak under one of the walls because there was a dig-hole there. The big Fatties had dug right there as there had been some food there and so made it deep enough for the itties to get out. *sigh* So I block that off and start working on getting them back into their coop. They didn't want to go in... why go into a tiny coop where there's the whole world to explore! Simple: they're too small to be out on their own & a cat/hawk could easily take off with one. once they get bigger, then I'll let them free range. But for now, it's for their safety.

And of course they got fed. OMG. Poor starving birds...

Today I processed a 3rd bird. This particular one kept pecking at my leg kind of .. well, I can't say aggressively, but a little more insistent than just a "Hey you" type peck. So he got put into the isolation cage and just processed him about 20 minutes ago. He was a PITA to do. But he looks pretty good for a dinner.

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Margaret - I just skin the birds as I don't have a plucker and don't really feel like plucking by hand. So after I dispatch the bird and they drain out, I put them on the table, lift up the skin a little right at the base of the breastbone, make a small incision there about an inch wide by pinching up the skin and making a little cut, then I can just stick my fingers from both hands into that little cut & pull the skin right off. Funny thing is that after I get most of the body done, there wings & base of the legs are harder to pull off than the rest of the body and so I usually end up cutting the skin off there & working on those parts separately. But between that time, they always look like they're wearing GoGo fur boots.
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