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Feb 6, 2019 12:31 PM CST
Name: Toni
Denver Metro, Zone 5
Too many cats!!
Starting a month late, but nothing super exciting (or eggciting, as we like to say on our FB pages) has been happening, but this is about to change VERY soon!

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I'm getting these babies in TOMORROW! Yay!! I have my brooder cage set up & ready to go, now just waiting for the USPS to hopefully not lose them or freeze them or kill them in any way.

Chickens naturally slow down laying in the winter time. So when eggs start to show back up, that's when you know that it's getting closer to spring. I got these beauties on Sunday.

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Last October, I had purchased some birds from a local breeder up north near Fort Lupton or Fort Morgan or something like that.. 2 hours north of me. I got 2 Lavender orpingtons (one died, unfortunately) and she gave me a bunch of "cockerels" (baby roosters who haven't crowed yet). I gave 13 of them to my Hmong friend who raises them up & then eats them, but I kept 3 for myself as I wasn't sure about their genders. Well, of the 3, 1 was definitely a rooster.

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Another one I'm still on the fence about.. he *MIGHT* be a he, but with easter eggers it's harder until they lay an egg or start to crow. But the 3rd.. now THAT is definitely a little hen! And she is GORGEOUS! Right now, i don't have a picture of her, but as soon as it warms up, I will get some pictures.

Saturday was the Denver Earthdog swap. It's held on every 1st Saturday of the month. This early in the year there's only a few vendors that show up, and this time, it was just me & 1 other guy who shows up every month. He drives in from south of Fountain up to Fort Collins a couple of days before, visits his daughter up there, then on his way home, stops by Earthdog to do the swap & then go home. It's a bit of a hop for him, as Fountain is almost 4 hours south of Fort Collins, so this is right in the middle for him. He always has a bunch of birds and they're always way over priced, but he does seem to sell them, so good for him. A lady had called him earlier that day & asked if he could take in her 3 birds. He agreed, then asked me if I wanted them. I'm always willing to take in birds as I have a couple of isolation coops and, if I don't want to keep them, either I give them away or sell them super cheap ($5-$10 for a laying hen). Well, at about 11ish, lady showed up & gave him her 3 birds & food & everything... basically, her husband made the choice of her 3 chickens or the dog & him as the dog was constantly trying to kill the chickens & he wasn't about to give up the dog for "no damned chickens when you can get eggs & chicken in the store." So he took them in, boxed 'em up, and then after she left, he brought the box to me. In it was 3 full grown hens, but all I could tell was one was a Buff Orpington. The others he said was Black Star & Rhode Island Red. What confused him, though, was the RIR was named "Speckles".. why name a solid-colored bird "Speckles"?

Now here's the kicker. This guy has been doing the chicken thing for about 40 years. And he wasn't able to tell the difference between these two birds? These are pictures I googled, not my pictures.

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The 2 birds on the left are Rhode Island Reds. The Single girl on the right is known as a Barnvelder. You can definitely tell a huge difference in coloring with these birds. And what I was given was a Buff Orp, a Black Sex Link (sometimes known as Black Star by some hatcheries to make it seem like it's a fancier chicken) and a Barnvelder. I was looking into getting another Barnvelder as I had 2 last year who were spectacular birds, but very flighty (I didn't get them as chicks, so it was almost too late to tame them), but they're VERY expensive ($8-$35/3 day old chick). And to have 1 adult who's laying AND very nice just GIVEN to me? Yay Karma!!!
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