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Feb 7, 2019 4:29 PM CST
Name: Toni
Denver Metro, Zone 5
Too many cats!!
not a happy camper about this:

Thumb of 2019-02-07/Skiekitty/ceb891 Thumb of 2019-02-07/Skiekitty/2bea4b

Went to the post office... "uh, we don't know where it is, it *should* be here today, but more than likely tomorrow is when it's going to be delivered." FREAKING LIVE CHICKS YOU MORONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT SAYS TO PLEASE RUSH!!! HOW DOES IT GET FROM DE MOINES, IA TO DENVER IN 8 HOURS, BUT CAN'T MAKE IT FROM THE AIRPORT TO PARKER, 27 MILES AWAY, IN A BLANKITYBLANK DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*sigh* Oh well.

I took some pictures of some my girls. It was pretty cold out there, only 11 degs.

Rainbow Dixie "Miss Clucky" (John's fav chicken)
Thumb of 2019-02-07/Skiekitty/fea8ef Thumb of 2019-02-07/Skiekitty/544f82

Easter Egger "Crockpot"
Thumb of 2019-02-07/Skiekitty/a2917d Thumb of 2019-02-07/Skiekitty/cf6147

Easter Egger "Stevie Nyx"
Thumb of 2019-02-07/Skiekitty/73e3ba

White Maran "Weirdo"
Thumb of 2019-02-07/Skiekitty/f8ad9f Thumb of 2019-02-07/Skiekitty/554bae

Juvenile Lavender Orpington
Thumb of 2019-02-07/Skiekitty/df7e89 Thumb of 2019-02-07/Skiekitty/2bbd84

Juvenile Rhode Island red
Thumb of 2019-02-07/Skiekitty/e2dfb4

Adult Rhone Island Red "Rudy"
Thumb of 2019-02-07/Skiekitty/937369

White Cochin "Snowball"
Thumb of 2019-02-07/Skiekitty/04b40a

Blue Cochin "Fluffenutter"
Thumb of 2019-02-07/Skiekitty/c71a76

Baby Sapphire Gem (grey in background) and Easter Egger (black/white in foreground)

Thumb of 2019-02-07/Skiekitty/be155f Thumb of 2019-02-07/Skiekitty/9f0383
Thumb of 2019-02-07/Skiekitty/93a594

and I think one of my favorite birds... juvenile white splashed Easter Egger. I'm keeping this one.
Thumb of 2019-02-07/Skiekitty/6669d7

Never be afraid of a scar. It just means that you were stronger than something that tried to hurt you.
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