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Feb 8, 2019 6:03 PM CST
Name: Toni
Denver Metro, Zone 5
Too many cats!!
spent 1hr, 18 min on hold w/the national level of the USPS to get to a live human. Talk to them for 3 minutes. Got the phone number for the Consumer Affairs Dept here in Denver. Called them, got yet ANOTHER live human (OMG). She said she'd call me back. About an hour & half later, got a call from yet a DIFFERENT live human, this one from the actual depot. Supposedly, and this is a long shot here, the birds were transported by TRUCK from De Moines, IA to Denver. According to GMaps, it's a 9.5hr drive, they MIGHT have gotten here in the 7 hrs as it's only about 700 miles, but I kinda doubt it. However, the lady at the distribution center insisted that the birds were in a wire rack w/no flight tag, meaning that they were not put on a plane. So those poor things were dead by the time they even hit here in Denver. Reason why I didn't get them is because the distribution center didn't want to deliver a bunch of dead birds to over 2 dozen people (I apparently wasn't the only one getting birds that day), so NO one got birds, dead or alive. She was rather pissed about the dead bird thing because it falls on HER shoulders as to why are they all dead? So what she wanted me to do was get in touch w/the hatchery & have THEM talk to HER to find out the big time WHY was this done via ground travel rather than air, especially in this weather? And of course, with the time difference, by the time she called me, they were already closed (the hatchery is in Iowa... hey, maybe Sally or Larry can go get 'em for me!). So I'll be calling her on Monday and then conferencing the Hatchery in with her so she can talk to them directly.

Those poor birds.
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