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Feb 12, 2019 11:09 PM CST
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Windows 10 started out wrong by forcing you to use Cortana. Microsoft figured that everyone LOVES Siri, so why not go & use Cortana? Cortana was actually implemented originally on Windows Phones, but since they got rid of those, the only place you'll see Cortana is on Windows 10. At first, when 10 first came out, Cortana was super freaking annoying. Almost as annoying as the original Paperclip guy.

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Thankfully, enough people worldwide squawked about how annoying she was (Cortana had a female voice) and pretty much universally she was despised, so when the new version of Win10 came out, they limited how annoying she would be and you'd have to actually ASK her things. And that's when she can be VERY useful. For instance, I'm old. And very old fashioned when it comes to computers. I like OLD programs and really really wish that they'd keep them easy to find. With Windows 8, Microsoft decided that you were going to use the software that THEY wanted you to use because that's all you could see. You REALLY had to hunt for some programs. Oh, they're there. Just deeply buried. And, like Indiana Jones, Cortana can help you find them super simple.

In this particular case, for Lucy, we're going to be looking at finding Chrome. Lucy downloaded Chrome, but can't find where it is. More than likely it's in her Users\My Programs\Google\Chrome, but that's a PITA to go through if you don't know what you're doing, and I don't know what I'm doing. So I'm going to have Cortana do the work for me. I don't have a mic on my laptop that I can find, so I just have to type things. First, you need to look at your desktop. Cortana is that big white search bar next to the Windows icon on the bottom left. I'm showing exactly what my desktop looks like. It's 100% G rated.

This is Cortana.
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What you need to do is put your mouse in that search bar somewhere and type whatever program, or image, or whatever, that you're looking for. In this case, as I mentioned, we're doing Chrome.

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When you click in that search bar to start to type, Cortana becomes activated. She will bring up a screen. You can ignore it. Just type what you want.

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Since I knew exactly how to spell Chrome, it filled automatically with Chrome. But, say, for instance, you know only the first few letters. Cortana will then search for the most logical programs with that information, so if you don't want to spell out Chrome, that's OK, she'll find it for you. HOWEVER! If you don't have something installed, it will ask you if you want to search for the "app". You see, people have forgotten that we don't use Apps, we use Programs. However, due to the popularity of phones & tablets, the word "program" and "application" actually have gone the way of the dodo bird & everything is now an "app". And you have to go to a Store to go get it! In this case, I had to figure out a program that I *didn't* have to get an example, so I chose Slack for that (my husband uses that for communication w/his coworkers). You will see that it says "Best Match" and then offers me to "Install App".

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So, let's say that you DO have the program Chrome, as we're using that as our example. It will come up with Hey, here it is! I'm going to make the assumption that you're going to want to use Chrome on a regular basis, but, as a smart person, you don't want to have to search for it each time! That's OK, we'll just pop it onto our Taskbar. Put your mouse over the word Chrome up on top and RIGHT CLICK on it. A dialog box will come up.

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TBH, I rarely use the Windows icon on the lower left.. things I use a lot are on my task bar. So that's where I want Chrome. You'll see, once you RIGHT CLICK in that dialog box a number of suggestions. I want to put it on my task bar, so I click on that option.

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It actually will drop Chrome at the right end of your icons on your taskbar. I personally like to keep a nice, neat area on my computer, as you can see by the sparsity of what's on my desktop, so I don't have a lot on my taskbar. I personally drug it into the middle as that's where I've actually had my browser placed on my taskbar since Win7 came out. Creature of habit. But you can put it anywhere you want. If your taskbar is locked, you can unlock it and then move the icons around, or delete icons off your taskbar, too.

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And that's how you make your computer do things for you as far as searching for a program (sorry, App)!
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