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Apr 12, 2019 3:30 PM CST
Name: Mary
The dry side of Oregon
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The weather forecast was right about the wind today, and so far not right about the showers. It might have rained in town, often does there and doesn't here. Everything is wet enough for now. I burned paper trash, buried kitchen trimmings, washed out the buckets and used a stiff brush on them which I don't always do. Usually I just rinse them or fill them with snow or straw and scrub it around to get most of the residue off. Now I have a couple of hoses connected so they got a better cleaning.

I need to get the straw off the garlic sprouts but thought it was too windy today. Straw flies around, you know, but I might give it a try anyway. I walked along the row where I transplanted asparagus and see signs that most of it is happy. The old straw will be put along both sides of that row to help with weed control and moisture retention.

Yesterday we went to buy trees. We had bought one Siouxland poplar thinking of putting it at the edge of the yard, then decided against it because of the proximity of the line running to the drain field, and the possibility of a lot of lateral roots sprouting new trees. We decided to put it elsewhere and bought another one to go with it. If extra trees sprout there it will be just fine. It's a wild area with a lot of volunteer roses and old poplar stumps. We also bought a Brandywine maple for that place in the yard where we had to take out a dead tree last fall. It will eventually make shade for part of the west side of the house. We'll need to protect all of them from the deer and cattle while they get established. All of the trees are still at the nursery until we get holes dug so that we can plop them right into their places when we get them home. The poplars don't have a lot of roots at this time. They had arrived at the nursery as bare root plants earlier this year. Hopefully we can get them all into the ground next week.
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