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Jul 23, 2019 9:29 AM CST
Name: Mary
The dry side of Oregon
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It's garlic digging time so that is what I have been doing every morning while it is cool, then hanging it to dry in the shed. I have a small fan going in there day and night and keep the door open during the day. So far I have the Chinese Pink, the Persian Star and the Elephant garlic all dug and hanging to dry and a start on the Turkish Giant. By this time next week I should have it all done.

Summer has finally convinced me that it is here. Yesterday it was 95 and will be about the same today.

Night before last there was a small brush fire about a mile from us. I woke smelling smoke, couldn't see any glow and decided it must be coming from much farther away. A picture on facebook which we saw in the morning showed the flames, and info at the time just said that our local rural fire department had it out. We drove by and saw that it had apparently started near the road so we assumed somebody had tossed a lighted cigarette. Later info said it was caused by fireworks. There are no houses nearby, it's just cattle pasture with a lot of sagebrush and dry grass. Fire danger is now officially high and probably in the next few days will be rated as extreme.

Meanwhile, the ranchers all around us are making hay. It's prefect haying weather. There may be some dry thunderstorms but not much rain will reach the ground with the air being so dry.

My corn has lots of tassels and small ears forming. We are very hungry for corn on the cob! Our raspberries are ripe. So far not many have made it to the house. Snacking on berries is a gardener's reward! I need to put in posts and wires to support the canes. Meanwhile I use fiberglass electric fence posts and tie baling twine around it. I got a good amount of grass clippings over a few big sheets of cardboard between the rows to be a weed barrier. The grapes have a lot of clusters which are still small. I'll need to put bird netting over them before long. The row of strawberry plants has once again disappeared in the weeds. I need a lot more grass clippings. This morning I harvested about 14# of rhubarb and delivered it to the buyer. I have found it more convenient to deliver products than to wait for someone to come after them.
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