Image National Day of Prayer
By Becky Capps on May 1, 2014

Anne Graham Lotz wrote a beautiful prayer for this special day where we can join together to pray for our country.

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Image Easter Week
By Becky Capps on April 13, 2014

The chronological events of Jesus last week will be posted daily on Heart Strength in the CHAT forum. There will be beautiful graphics for you to enjoy, download and share.

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Image Happy Birthday Jesus
By Becky Capps on December 21, 2011

This precious little 4 year old girl, Avery Winter, sang two songs to Jesus. She is captivating and has over a million hits of you tube. Come listen ...

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Image The Miracle in the Canal
By Becky Capps on August 10, 2011

Lynn Smith, or valleylynn,as we know her best, shares a story about a miracle that happened to her many years ago. After hearing this story for the first time, I found it affected me deeply and with her permission, I am sharing it in her own words. This is no ordinary "it happened to me" story but one that will most likely leave you speechless and in awe.

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Image Praying for Japan
By Becky Capps on March 17, 2011

Our hearts are heavy as we view the videos of the horrific earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Join us at Heart Strength to talk, pray and post pertinent information as to how we can help the people of Japan.

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Image The Rear View Mirror
By Becky Capps on September 1, 2010

In the movie Love Happens, Jennifer Aniston’s character tells the male character (who is rather messed up) “You're stuck.You can't move forward because you've got your eyes on the rear view mirror.”

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Image Nancy Polanski (NAP) shares how she found her faith
By Becky Capps on August 9, 2010

Nancy's story is unlike any I have heard and every time I read it I find myself in awe over how God works in our lives. I am so grateful her life was spared many years ago. What a faith journey she has had! These are Nancy's own words.

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Image There's a New Cubit in Town!
By Becky Capps on April 9, 2010

Heart Strength is one of the newest cubits and it's a place for growing in your faith one step at a time. There will be studies on God's word, sharing our faith and meeting new friends. Join us!

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