An Amazing Feat

By Dave G. (Strepbystrep) on January 29, 2014

Today, the title may not be quite the appropriate words to describe this article. Somehow, the wording necessary escapes me for the moment. Maybe I'm wrong, it will be up to you the reader to decide.

An Amazing Feat

Today, the title may not be quite the appropriate words to describe this article. Somehow, the wording necessary escapes me for the moment. Maybe I'm wrong, it will be up to you the reader to decide.

Tucked away in the upper part of New York state is a small but vital business to the gesneriad world who supplies our fix for African Violets and our beloved Streps. 364 days a year, 7 days a week, long hours of faithful hard work goes into producing plants and new hybrids for our enjoyment. By now your guessing I am eluding to Paul Soriano's Lyndon Lyons Greenhouses or Rob and Ma Robinson's The Violet Barn. Well, those are two excellent guesses and they too work tirelessly to help feed our AV and Strep addictions. However, today's focus is on one many may have never even knew grew streps!

Bloomin Jungle is located in Red Creek NY, between Rochester and Syracuse. The owner, Linda Rowe is a one man, in this case one woman machine! Linda, over the years has been well known for her seemingly endless varieties of African violet plants and leaves. She has meticulously grown plants for many years and tirelessly works to ensure each customer in the end is a happy customer even if it is detrimental to making a profit on a particular order. 

Linda is the grower, the groomer, the hybridizer, the saleswoman, the packer and the delivery woman to the post office. She is also the complaint dept. when something goes wrong. She stands behind her plants, replacing those which may for whatever reason did not arrive or arrived not in good condition. The bottom line is, a happy customer is a repeat customer and this lady strives to keep customers happy!

Many do not know she does hybridize both AV's and Streps. Though this has not been her main  focus in the past, Linda enjoys creating hybrids as much as growing. 

Some of her AV hybrids include; The Heat is On, Bells are Ringing, and a few others I can’t think of right now. Her Strep hybrids include the mini streps Susie Cutie, Suzie’s Sister, Stormy Night, Lavender Mystique, Smoke on the Water and Sodus Warbler and the standard strep Mystic Topaz.  

Now imagine trying to care for a substantial sized greenhouse, the maintenance, the cleaning, caring for the plants growing, starting new plants, transplanting, watering, inventorying, listing and packing! It truly is an amazing feat Linda can continue as a one woman operation. 

Oh, and the hybridizing aspect? Word from the grape vine has it Linda is focusing on doing more in the near future. 

To view Linda's latest offerings go to: www. or search for her seller ID on eBay bloominjungle. On her website is also a forum to ask questions or discuss anything about AV's and/or Streps.

Bloomin Jungle is a small treasure tucked in the upper corner of NY. Like all treasures, as time goes on they become rarer. Linda, Paul Soriano, Rob & Ma Robinson, Pat Hancock and the others out there are the Albert Buell's of today. They are the ambassador's of a hobby and business they love. 

With the cost of doing business and the many other factors that come into play on the state and federal level, they like Buell's greenhouses will not be here forever. Enjoy and cherish the wealth they provide while it is still here. Don't let these fine businesses become a fond memory. eBay can't compete with the knowledge or variety these growers have. All of them are happy to share their knowledge and do so willingly and for free. eBay can not create the newest and latest hybrids. Help keep these treasures around by patronizing them. Without your support they will like the dinosaur become extinct.

So if you happen to be in Red Creek some night and you see a flashlight coming from a greenhouse, good chance it's Linda working late again, trying to keep up with all things that needs to be done to keep the business running. She does her part, the question now becomes will we do ours?

Dave G.

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