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May 28, 2014 11:33 AM CST
Name: Dave G
StrepbyStrep - The Passion Begins
I recently closed my website which contained Wendy's hybrids. I will post them here for everyone to reference.

Thumb of 2014-05-28/Strepbystrep/94e005
Thumb of 2014-05-28/Strepbystrep/ab5f1a
Thumb of 2014-05-28/Strepbystrep/191fb3
Thumb of 2014-05-28/Strepbystrep/cd343d
Thumb of 2014-05-28/Strepbystrep/fefc54
Thumb of 2014-05-28/Strepbystrep/6c27f0
Thumb of 2014-05-28/Strepbystrep/e56ef7
Thumb of 2014-05-28/Strepbystrep/a0f684
Thumb of 2014-05-28/Strepbystrep/f4d714
Thumb of 2014-05-28/Strepbystrep/3ed328
Thumb of 2014-05-28/Strepbystrep/d9352c
Thumb of 2014-05-28/Strepbystrep/2f2724
Thumb of 2014-05-28/Strepbystrep/c424e2
Thumb of 2014-05-28/Strepbystrep/7ee494
Thumb of 2014-05-28/Strepbystrep/89251e
Thumb of 2014-05-28/Strepbystrep/b1587a
Thumb of 2014-05-28/Strepbystrep/875c10
Thumb of 2014-05-28/Strepbystrep/809d4b
Thumb of 2014-05-28/Strepbystrep/336cf1
Thumb of 2014-05-28/Strepbystrep/58ec28
Thumb of 2014-05-28/Strepbystrep/bfa942
Thumb of 2014-05-28/Strepbystrep/224a44
Thumb of 2014-05-28/Strepbystrep/50b904
Thumb of 2014-05-28/Strepbystrep/0c5ce6
Thumb of 2014-05-28/Strepbystrep/77102f
Thumb of 2014-05-28/Strepbystrep/90bc5a
Thumb of 2014-05-28/Strepbystrep/49254d
Thumb of 2014-05-28/Strepbystrep/781372
Thumb of 2014-05-28/Strepbystrep/c68f38
Thumb of 2014-05-28/Strepbystrep/dc607f
Thumb of 2014-05-28/Strepbystrep/78e529
Thumb of 2014-05-28/Strepbystrep/c40759
Thumb of 2014-05-28/Strepbystrep/88cb6f
Thumb of 2014-05-28/Strepbystrep/29ede5
Thumb of 2014-05-28/Strepbystrep/fb127e
Thumb of 2014-05-28/Strepbystrep/8eaec9
Thumb of 2014-05-28/Strepbystrep/6ea4ac
Dave G.
May 31, 2014 9:01 PM CST
Name: Dave G
StrepbyStrep - The Passion Begins
Thumb of 2014-06-01/Strepbystrep/1685c2
Thumb of 2014-06-01/Strepbystrep/1cd6d5
Thumb of 2014-06-01/Strepbystrep/720ff5
Thumb of 2014-06-01/Strepbystrep/c281ba
Thumb of 2014-06-01/Strepbystrep/aab7af
Dave G.
Jun 1, 2014 5:52 PM CST
Name: Carlynn
Utah, USA
Thumbs up Wow! Hurray! Lots of beauties!
Jun 3, 2014 12:35 PM CST
Name: Dave G
StrepbyStrep - The Passion Begins
Thumb of 2014-06-03/Strepbystrep/23ca2a
Thumb of 2014-06-03/Strepbystrep/b58631
Thumb of 2014-06-03/Strepbystrep/280958
Thumb of 2014-06-03/Strepbystrep/0dc61f
Thumb of 2014-06-03/Strepbystrep/6bf220
Dave G.

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